Winter storm falls short of weather predictions

first_imgThe 109 Linkedin It’s Felicity meets The Sopranos.The cast of the radio-TV-film student-led production, “Southern Comforts,” was chosen after more than 100 students auditioned for a part, professor Richard Allen said.He said the soap opera will be filmed and aired next semester.Allen said 16 students were cast in the main roles of the soap opera, including three freshmen, three sophomores, three juniors and seven seniors. Though the majority of the students are RTVF or theatre majors, the cast also includes a broadcast journalism major and a biology major, he said. Facebook + posts printFort Worth did not suffer as badly from the weather conditions last night as it was expected to. The winter storm hit surrounding areas in north Texas but stayed mild throughout the city of Fort Worth.Fort Worth commuters saw reasonable conditions yesterday morning when traveling to work and school. There was plenty of precipitation around the area but, because temperatures stayed high, the snow did not stick.The WFAA said snow began to fall in Fort Worth yesterday morning around 7:20 a.m. Most of the snow was seen south of Fort Worth in areas such as Waco and Waxahachie.“We saw a very decent morning when it comes to traffic,” Neighborhood Patrol Officer Mario Cabello said. “Everybody kept a slow pace when traveling and kept gaps between cars at a safe distance. This really helped keep accidents at a minimum.”Cabello said they did not see as many cars out on the road in the morning. She said most people seemed to have stayed at home if they were able.Fort Worth ISD delayed school by two hours, which cut down the early morning traffic rush. The sun was out by the time schools opened, melting the ice and making transportation much safer.“We prepared for the storm by covering our plants with tarp for protection, made a quick trip to target for food for the kids, and kept our blankets handy,” said Lara Newman, a resident of Overton Woods and mother to two toddlers.“We stayed inside and made cookies to distract the boys from their interest in going outside.”More snow is expected to hit Fort Worth later in the week according Facebook TAGSWeather Twitter Fort Worth braces for more severe weather The 109 TCU athletes are “SPARK-ing” an interest in Fort Worth area students ReddIt The 109 ReddIt The 109 The 109 TCU athletes are “SPARK-ing” an interest in Fort Worth area students Previous articleSalon’s sale sets standards for successNext articleBass family private collection opening at the Kimbell The 109 RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Linkedin Stories from the polls: Election Day in The109! Twitter Grains to grocery: One bread maker brings together farmers and artisans at locally-sourced store Abortion access threatened as restrictive bills make their way through Texas Legislature Fort Worth set to elect first new mayor in 10 years Saturdaylast_img read more


first_img Comments are closed. Cribsheet:The latest technology in a nutshell. This week: Broadband.Whatis it? Thename used to describe various types of high-speed connections to the Internet.Broadband is viewed in many quarters as the key to the e-economy. Thetwo big constraining factors of Internet usage, especially at home, is speedand cost – broadband potentially gets rid of both restraints. Oneof the most talked about broadband offerings of the moment is ADSL (asymmetricdigital subscriber line) and works across existing copper telephone wires.This, potentially, works at 10 times faster than a standard modem connectionand offers an always-on link to the Internet for which users pay a flat-rateaccess fee rather than call charges each time they dial up their Internetservice provider. Otherforms of broadband include cable modems, leased lines and satellite.Whatdoes it mean to me? Ifyou’re accessing the Internet via your office network, speed is probably not anissue at the moment. However,broadband will have an increasingly important part to play in the developmentof mobile or home-working and also in the field of e-learning. Ifyou access the Internet at home, you will have noticed how much slower it iscompared to across your network at work. ADSL, for instance, can work at up to10 times as fast as a conventional modem (upwards of 512kbps whereas aconventional modem is around 56kbps).Broadbandaccess at home will not only enable workers to carry out any Internet-basedwork far more quickly, it will also let them maximise technologies that currentlystruggle across standard home modems, such as video-conferencing andwebcasting. Itwill also enable the HR department to control the cost of a workers’ Internetaccess at home, since they will be paying a flat rate for the service. Thismeans you can also be fairly relaxed about them using it for leisure activitiessince it won’t cost any more. BT’s domestic ADSL service is £39.99 a month plus£150 set-up fee.Manye-learning courses rely on users being able to download large amounts of data,such as multimedia and video files as part of the course, and broadband alsomakes this a much more viable option from home.Wheredo I go for further information? Ifyou want to further investigate a broadband solution for members of yourworkforce, there are a number of educational sites. Among the best are   and BT’sservice at details BT’s ADSL service and Demon Internet’sequivalent can be found at developing a range of wireless broadband solutions aimed at the mobilemarket. For details of these, go to Nokia’s site at (where there’s also a handyglossary of telecoms jargon). BroadbandOn 18 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference All-Decade Team

first_imgTwo local athletes were recently named to the HCAC All-Decade Team.  They are Amy Wuestefeld Meyers and Wesley McKinney.Amy Wuestefeld Meyers was a 2-sport standout at Anderson University 2009-2013.  In softball her accomplishments included having the 2nd all-time batting average of .415 and stolen bases of 56.  She is also on the top 10 lists in these categories:  runs, hits, runs scored, triples and many more.  She was also a 3-time All HCAC selection in basketball where she is in the top 10 list in scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals.Wes McKinney was named for Hanover’s men’s basketball 2014-2018.  He helped elevate the men’s basketball program to new heights during his 4-year career.  His coach stated that he was the best combination of ability level and work ethic of any player he has ever coached.  McKinney was named to 5 national teams.  He was an all-American while at Hanover, a 3-time HCAC selection, and he was Player of the Year in 2016-17.  He was also a Tom Bohlsen 3-time academic all-conference honoree.Congratulations to both of these Batesville athletes!I would like to thank the HCAC website and Aaron Garrett for pointing it out to me.last_img read more