SOCU needs to investigate money given to Minister’s children

first_imgDear Editor,I commend the whistleblowers who courageously exposed the secretive and unethical transfers of tens of millions of dollars from the treasury to the kids of former Minister Broomes for personal use.Such a situation arouses suspicion that there is rampant stealing of State finances within the former Government (APNU/PNC/AFC). SOCU needs to investigate these problems or else Guyana will never stand a chance to develop in spite of our vast natural resources.It is clear that the Granger Government is hell-bent on holding to power to continue stealing. Life is good in Government.And it needs to be highlighted that the PNC eliminates racial/ethnic diversity to create a secretive environment to simply steal. And this is one of the major reasons why the Granger Government largely shuts out Indo-Guyanese from the public service.Editor, I am convinced that such PNC values embolden dysfunction and they are responsible for rampant corruption and armed robbery in Guyana.Also, it can easily be predicted that the current lawlessness will worsen because of dysfunctional PNC values being modelled in Guyana.Under the current level of corruption, there is a dire need for whistleblowers. But the executive head of the WPA, Dr David Hinds, took a retaliatory stance when three whistleblowers exposed the illegal transfer of funds to the kids of former Minister Broomes. Dr Hinds can’t be fair and he can’t be of any good to Guyana because he is fixated on unjustly defending an Afro-Guyanese-backed Government. He even stereotyped the whistleblowers as PPP/C moles and PPP/C spies and he even called on the former Granger Government to fire them. Flagrantly, Dr Hinds supports wrongdoings in the Granger Government because he is blinded by the issue of race/ethnicity. Dr Hinds is downright divisive and destructive.Dr Hinds needs to be informed that whistleblowers are patriotic citizens whose contributions cannot be underestimated. They are needed. They selflessly expose corruption so that Guyana becomes a better place where every Guyanese can benefit from the fruits of this country, not just PNC Ministers.To this end, I urge every Guyanese to call out stealing within the Granger Government but Dr Hinds will never endorse this. He will use his voice to destroy Guyana. Dr Hinds is the least interested in the welfare of all Guyanese. His actions can never benefit Guyana and its people.Also, the former WPA Minister within the Granger Government confirmed to Dr Hinds when she unjustly fired three whistleblowers to also conceal corruption in her Government. This is abuse of power. This former Minister ought to be fired.Her actions are inexcusable. This is all corruption which can never be good for Guyana. Guyana needs whistleblowers or anyone who will expose outright stealing, corruption and lawlessness.And it needs to be clear that whistleblowers ought to be protected and at the very least, those whistleblowers who were fired by the former WPA Minister need to be reinstated in their jobs.They did nothing wrong. And I once again commend the whistleblowers for their selfless act. The former Minister Broomes needs to return the tens of millions of dollars to the treasury. This is the decent thing to do.Sincerely,Annie Baliram PhDlast_img read more