Sharon M. Sawyer

first_imgSharon M. Sawyer, 69 of Dillsboro passed away Friday March 4, 2016 at Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg. Sharon was born Wednesday August 28, 1946 in Madison, IN the daughter of Elmer and Edna (Pettit) Poling. She married Elmer Sawyer October 3, 1964 and he preceded her in death November 19, 2013. She worked for Hill Rom for 23 years after retiring in 1992. Sharon is a member of the Hope Baptist Church and a former recorder for Local Union 525. She enjoyed traveling, playing cards, loved her Jack Russels, and spending time with her family and friends.Sharon is survived by son: Jerry (Carrie) Sawyer of Dillsboro, 2 Grandchildren Crystal and Chris Sawyer, 2 Great- Grandchildren: Lilly and Ayden Sawyer. Sharon was preceded in death by her husband, daughter: Cindy Sawyer, son: Christopher Sawyer, 2 sisters: Rosemary Vanosdol and Jean Sawyer.Funeral services will be 11AM Tuesday March 8, 2016 at Hope Baptist Church 15593 US 50, Dillsboro, IN 47018 with Pastor Tom Holt officiating. Burial will follow in Green Cemetery at Elrod. Visitation will also be Tuesday 9-11 at the church. Memorials may be made to the Family. Go to to leave an online condolence message. Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home, Milan entrusted with arrangements, Box 243, (812)654-2141.last_img read more

Sumner Court Docket: July 7, 2015 report

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint have not been tried by a judge or jury unless specified otherwise. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.•••••State of Kansas v. John Jay Marks — Case No: 15 CR 151.Date of birth: 1951 Address: Wichita.Charges:Count 1 – Theft, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: May 23, 2015.Case description: Marks is accused of going to the Ez-Go Convenience Store at the Kansas Turnpike Travel Center and consuming Hershey’s milk and Ritz crackers and having insufficient funds to pay for them.•••••State of Kansas v. Dakota Jones — Case No: 15 CR 152.Date of birth: 1994 Address: Sapulpa, Okla.Charges:Count 1 – Aid and Abet in failing to display liability insurance card, Class B misdemeanor.Count 2 – Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Jones is accused of not providing liability insurance on a black Toyota Corolla and requesting that another woman drive the car. He also allegedly had in his possession a marijuana pipe in the front ashtray.•••••State of Kansas v. James Roger Kessinger — Case No: 15 CR 153.Date of birth: 1992 Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor.Count 2 – Burglary of non-residence, level 7 felony.Count 3 – Theft, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Kessinger is accused of keeping a dog inside a house without the owner’s permission for a couple of weeks. He also allegedly stole an electric grinder, orange extension cord, tool box and tools in the owner’s garage.•••••State of Kansas v. Clara Brown — Case No: 15 CR 154.Date of birth: 1997 Address: Tulsa, Okla.Charges:Count 1 – Speeding 88 mph in 75 mph zone, traffic infractionCount 2 – Driving without valid driver’s license.Count 3 – Possession drug paraphernalia.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Brown is accused of driving a 2010 black Toyota 88 miles per hour in a 75 mph zone on Kansas Turnpike. Once stopped, she alleged had a marijuana pipe in the center ashtray (case is related with CR 15-152).•••••State of Kansas v. Darrell Clark — Case No: 15 CR 155.Date of birth: N/A Address: Caldwell.Charges:Count 1 – Aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer – level 6 felony.Count 2 – Aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer – Level 6 felony.Count 3 – Criminal discharge of a firearm – Level 7 felony.Count 4 – Criminal threat – Level 9 felony.Count 5 – Disorderly conduct – Class C misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 12, 2015.Case description: See story here.•••••State of Kansas v. Teah Marie Ray — Case No: 15 CR 156.Date of birth: N/A Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Aggravated burglary – Level 5 felony.Count 2 – Battery – Class B misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 12, 2015.Case description: Ray is accused of going into a home on east Lincoln in Wellington with the intent to commit a felony or theft while a family with children were inside. Ray also allegedly physically attacked an occupant by punching him.•••••State of Kansas v. Franklin Leroy Decker — Case No: 15 CR 157.Date of birth: N/A Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Aggravated Battery – Level 5 felony.Count 2 – Aggravated Assault – Level 7 felony.Count 3 – Battery – Class B misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 12, 2015.Case description: Franklin is accused of going into a house at E. Lincoln in Wellington with the intent to commit a felony or theft while a family with children were inside. Franklin is accused of using a hatchet (or axe) to strike an occupant.He is also accused of physically attacking the occupant by punching him (see related case 15-156)•••••Case No. 15-158, Case No. 15-159 are not available.••••• State of Kansas v. Jacob Jones — Case No: 15 CR 160.Date of birth: 1992 Address: Geuda Springs.Charges:Count 1 – Disorderly Conduct, Class C misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 12, 2015.Case description: Jones is accused of angrily approaching two men at a wind farm job site while wearing a hand gun and then telling them one of their company trucks had just sped through Ashland and if they didn’t slow down he was going to spray them with his .223 rifle.•••••Case No. 15-161 is not available.•••••State of Kansas v. Garrett Brockman — Case No: 15 CR 162.Date of birth: 1996. Address: Goddard.Charges:Count 1 – Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 – Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Count 3 – Distribution of marijuana (less than .25 grams).Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Brockton is accused of possessing a marijuana cigarette in the door of his vehicle, another one in the center cup-holder and a small baggy of marijuana in his book bag. He also allegedly had baggies, rolling papers and pill bottle and is accused of selling less than 25 grams of marijuana to another person for $35.•••••State of Kansas v. David Hayes — Case No: 15 CR 163.Date of birth: 1963. Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – No insurance, Class B misdemeanor.Count 2 – Driving while suspended, Class B misdemeanor.Count 3 – Possession methamphetamine, Level 5 felony.Count 4 – Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 2, 2015.Case description: Hayes, when stopped, is accused of driving a car with no insurance, having a driver’s license suspended, and possessing methamphetamine in a plastic bag in the center console of his vehicle.•••••State of Kansas v. Nolan Ray Neal Dawson — Case No: 15 CR 164.Date of birth: 1996. Address: Clearwater.Charges:Count 1 – Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 – Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Dawson is accused of having a baggy of marijuana in the ashtray of his car and a small amount of marijuana in a metal grinder in his vehicle.•••••State of Kansas v. Devyn Niblack — Case No: 15 CR 165.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Peck.Charges:Count 1 – Criminal deprivation of property, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 – Driving under the influence (first offense) of any drug and/or alcohol, Class B misdemeanor.Count 3 – Driving without a valid license, Class B misdemeanor.Count 4- Consumption of alcohol by minor – Unclassified misdemeanor.Count 5 – Fail to maintain one lane, traffic infraction.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Niblack is accused of depriving the owner of a 2015 Dodge Caravan temporarily without his permission. He allegedly was driving the Caravan left of center on Crow road with a blood alcohol content of .08 or more, not having a driver’s license and drinking alcohol liquor under the age of 21.•••••State of Kansas v. Theodore Whittemore — Case No: 15 CR 166.Date of birth: 1955. Address: Derby.Charges:Count 1 – Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor.Count 2 – Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor.Count 3 – Assault of a law enforcement officer, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: May 24, 2015.Case description: Whittemore is accused of using profanity towards his girlfriend and two casino employees at the Kansas Star Casino because she got an alcoholic drink at last call, but when he ordered his drink, the bar was already closed. He also allegedly was told to leave the premises by management after security officers observed him to be intoxicated and using loud profanity,He then allegedly raised his arms and threatened he was going to cause bodily harm to a casino agent and his associates.•••••State of Kansas v. John Jacob Noyes — Case No: 15 CR 167.Date of birth: 1976. Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Interference with law enforcement, level 9 felony.Date of alleged crime: June 11, 2015.Case description: Noyes is accused of running from a police officer after he was advised he was under arrest for warrants  of 13 CR 231, 13 CR 449 and 14 CR 97 from Sumner County District Court.•••••State of Kansas v. Andrew Specht — Case No: 15 CR 168.Date of birth: 1988. Address: Argonia.Charges:Count 1 – Child abuse, level 5 felony.Count 2 – Battery, Class B misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 20, 2015.Case description: Specht is accused of cruelly beating a child under age 10 with a belt which left two marks on the right side of his rib cage.•••••State of Kansas v. Jordan Wilbert — Case No: 15 CR 169.Date of birth: 1991. Address: DerbyCharges:Count 1 – Left of center, traffic infraction.Count 2 – Failure to maintain single lane, traffic infraction.Count 3 – Driving while suspended or revoked, Class B misdemeanor.Count 4 – Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Count 5 – Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor.Count 6 – Driving under the influence, second offense, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 19, 2015.Case description: Wilbert is accused of driving a white Ford pickup at the 1200 block of East 119th St near Mulvane left of center. He allegedly had a suspended driver’s license, and possessed marijuana and a glass pipe in his pocket while being impaired on alcohol and/or drugs.•••••State of Kansas v. Conner Smith — Case No: 15 CR 170.Date of birth: 1989. Address: Leawood, Kans.Charges:Count 1 – Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 – Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 21, 2015.Case description: Smith is accused of having marijuana in a grinder in the saddlebag of his motorcycle and one hidden on his person while being transported to jail.•••••State of Kansas v. Jose Omar Silva — Case No: 15 CR 171.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Ennis, Texas.Charges:Count 1 – Interference with law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 – DUI, first offense, Class B misdemeanor.Count 3 – Driving without a valid license, Class B misdemeanor.Count 4 – Transportation of open container, first offense, unclassified misdemeanor.Count 5 – Fail to maintain one lane, traffic infraction.Count 6 – Refusal of PBT, traffic infraction.Count 7 – Illegal backing, traffic infraction.Date of alleged crime: May 23, 2015.Case description: Silva is accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and giving a law enforcement officer a false name after crossing center line on Interstate 35.•••••State of Kansas v. Everett Fleming — Case No: 15 CR 172.Date of birth: 1980. Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Criminal damage to property, level 9 felony.Count 2 – Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor.Count 3 – Interference with law enforcement, level 9 felony.Date of alleged crime: June 24, 2015.Case description: Fleming is accused of destroying a glass entrance door at Vantage Point Apartment in order to obtain entry to the premises when he was instructed he could not enter. Fleming allegedly then resisted being arrested and handcuffed inside the apartment building and tried to run from police as he was being transported to the patrol car.•••••State of Kansas v. Tyler Tennant — Case No: 15 CR 173.Date of birth: 1997. Address: Wichita.Charges:Count 1 – Violation of protection order, Class A misdemeanor.Count 2 – Violation of protection order, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: May 22, 2015.Case description: Tennant is accused of breaking a Sedgwick County protection order by approaching and using abusive language toward a woman he was issued to have no contact with. Tennant allegedly also broke a Sumner County stalking order by communicating with the father of the woman he was ordered not to have contact with. He allegedly called him on a phone and used profanity and threats.•••••State of Kansas v. Adam O’Neal — Case No: 15 CR 174.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Burglary of a dwelling, level 7 felony.Count 2 – Theft, level 9 felony.Count 3 – Criminal Damage to Property, Class B misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 25, 2015.Case description: O’Neal is accused of entering a dwelling at North Stewart Street in Wellington and stealing three flat screen televisions, two laptop computers, two X-box consoles, a Wii console, five firearms, one small lock box, and three GPS units from there individuals. O’Neal also allegedly broke a window unit air conditioner using a sledge hammer.•••••State of Kansas v. Porter Chance Evans — Case No: 15 CR 175.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Burglary of a dwelling, level 7 felony.Count 2 – Theft, level 9 felony.Count 3 – Criminal deprivation of property, Class A misdemeanor.Count 4 – Criminal damage to property, Class B misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 25, 2015.Case description: Evans is accused of entering a dwelling at North Stewart Street in Wellington and stealing three flat screen televisions, two laptop computers, two X-box consoles, a Wii console, five firearms, one small lock box, and three GPS units from there individuals. O’Neal also allegedly broke a window unit air conditioner using a sledge hammer (Case 15-174 related).•••••State of Kansas v. Trey Lee Schulz — Case No: 15 CR 176.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Homeless in Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Possession of methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony.Count 2 – Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 27, 2015.Case description: Schulz is accused of possessing a small plastic bag containing meth and a metal Grizzly Snuff tin container with three needles, two plastic bags, one Q-tip and one metal container with white powdery residue inside.•••••State of Kansas v. Gage Clark Parker — Case No: 15 CR 177.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Mulvane.Charges:Count 1 – Fleeing or eluding a police officer, level 9 felony.Count 2 – DUI first offense, Class B misdemeanor.Count 3 – Reckless driving, unclassified misdemeanor.Count 4 – Transportation of open container, unclassified misdemeanor.Count 5 – Consumption of Cereal Malt Beverage or alcoholic liquor by a minor, Class C misdemeanor.Count 6 – Unlawful use of identification card, Class B misdemeanor.Count 7 – Failure to signal for turn, traffic infraction.Count 8 – Failure to signal for turn, traffic infraction.Count 9 – Failure to stop at stop sign, traffic infraction.Count 10 – Failure to stop at stop sign, traffic infraction.Count 11- Speeding , traffic infraction.Date of alleged crime: June 13, 2015.Case description: Parker is accused of starting a police pursuit in which he engaged in reckless driving and passing within one foot of the driver’s side of deputy patrol car and striking a small black trailer.Parker allegedly turned right off of 130th Ave. North onto Hillside Road in Sumner County without giving a signal of his intentions to do so. He then allegedly turned right off of Hillside onto 120th Ave. North with no signal and not stopping at a stop sign. He allegedly was speeding 84 mph in a 55 mph zone.Once apprehended, Parker allegedly had an alcohol concentration of .08 or more, having an open container in his vehicle, being under 21 while drinking beer of greater than 3.2 percent alcohol, and showing an identification card that belonged to someone else in Arkansas.•••••State of Kansas v. Jessica Kay Cooper — Case No: 15 CR 178.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Udall.Charges:Count 1 – Driving under the influence, third offense.Count 2 – Speeding, traffic infraction.Date of alleged crime: June 27, 2015.Case description: Cooper is accused of driving under the influence that rendered her incapable of safely driving a vehicle. She has been previously convicted in Cowley County District Court and Derby Municipal Court of DUI in June 2009 and April 2009 respectively. She also was allegedly driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone on K-15 Highway.•••••State of Kansas v. Ryan Olson — Case No: 15 CR 179.Date of birth: N/A. Address: Wellington.Charges:Count 1 – Criminal damage to property, level 7 felony.   Count 2 – Criminal deprivation of property, Class A misdemeanor.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015.Case description: Olson is accused of substantially damaging a Two Club Golf Cart owned by Myles Miller with the damage being more than $1,000. Olson also allegedly did not get Miller’s consent before using the golf cart.last_img read more

Freeholder Board Returns to All Republican Rule

first_imgFREEHOLD — The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders formally returned to exclusively Republican rule at its annual reorganization meeting, held last Thursday at the Biotechnology High School, Kosloski Road.Freeholder John P. Curley will serve as director for 2012.The defeat of incumbent Democrat Amy Mallet in November returned the five-member freeholder board to an exclusively GOP body, with former Spring Lake resident Gary Rich taking the seat formerly held by Mallet.Re-elected incumbent Republican Lillian Burry is beginning her third three-year term on the freeholder board. Rounding out the all Republican lineup is Rosemarie Peters, who was sworn in for her second five-year term as county surrogate.As Freeholder Director, Curley will preside over freeholder meetings and act as the board’s spokesman and representative during the year.Curley failed in his first try for a freeholder seat in 2008, but was elected to the board the following year after serving for about five years on the Red Bank Borough Council.He was first elected to the Red Bank Council as a Democrat. Shortly after changing his party affiliation to Republican, Curley established a reputation as a populist firebrand, regularly locking horns with other elected officials.Curley continued to battle his political opponents during his tenure as a freeholder, at times butting heads with fellow Republicans.Curley, a Middletown resident, who said his relationship with a family owned auto dealership allows him to function as a fulltime freeholder, told the capacity crowd that, “I will not entertain any new tax increases,” and pledged that he would “not remain silent in accepting the status quo.”Last year, Curley was as strong critic of the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees’ handling of alleged financial improprieties by then college President Peter Burnham, which led to the ouster of some high level administrators, including the president.A member of the county college’s board of school estimate (which oversees the college’s actions) Curley pledged, “It is my commitment to clean house at Brookdale once and for all,” vowing to replace all of the board of trustees members who were there during the upheaval and controversy of the last year.In addition, Curley said, he plans on looking for ways to privatize some county services (including the operations of two of the county’s golf courses), hold the line on hiring and equipment purchases, sell off some assets (like the county owned and operated senior nursing facilities) all to provide some relief to taxpayers.Freeholder Thomas Arnone, who was elected in 2010, was named as deputy director for 2012. Members of the board also offered its best wishes to Freeholder Robert Clifton, last year’s director who is moving on to the State Assembly in the newly redrawn 12th District, where he won a seat last November.Mallet, Fair Haven, who was leaving the board after one three-year term, said she was not sure what she will pursue next.“There are quite a few opportunities available to me,” she explained. “But I want to go where I can make the most difference.”The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders honored outgoing member Robert Clifton at the county’s reorganization meeting in Freehold last Thursday, Jan. 5. Clifton was leaving the board to join the state Assembly in Trenton. (L to R) Incoming Freeholder Gary Rich, Freeholder Director John P. Curley, outgoing Freeholder Rob Clifton, Freeholder Lillian Burry and Freeholder Tom Arnone.last_img read more

First Female Administrator Takes Helm in Colts Neck

first_imgBy Laura D.C. KolnoskiCOLTS NECK — Kathleen Capristo of Spring Lake Heights will make history on Sept. 28 when she assumes her new position as the township’s first female administrator.Capristo, former municipal clerk in Spring Lake, will also be the township’s first new administrator in 25 years following the lengthy tenure of Robert Bowden, who retired in May.Bowden was in attendance at Capristo’s Sept. 9 unanimous formal appointment during a Colts Neck Township Committee meeting, along with Capristo’s former bosses Spring Lake Borough Administrator W. Bryan Dempsey, and Fair Haven Borough Administrator Theresa Casagrande.Capristo’s two-year employment agreement with the township stipulates she will receive an annual pro-rated salary of $95,000 for 2015 and $109,250 for 2016, according to Beth Kara, Colts Neck’s deputy clerk who was elevated to municipal clerk the same evening. Capristo will also serve as the township’s deputy municipal clerk, recycling coordinator and clean communities coordinator.“We saw 51 people and had many more resumes than that,” said Mayor James Schatzle. “All five of us on the township committee and (acting administrator) Thomas Antus feel her skills will make her a perfect fit for the township. We are confident in our choice of Ms. Capristo.”A nationwide search commenced when Bowden announced his pending retirement earlier this year. Ben Stentz, recreation director for Princeton Borough, was chosen to succeed Bowden, but decided to remain in his current position and the search had to begin again. Antus, formerly administrator in Freehold Township, was tapped to serve as Colts Neck’s administrator in the interim.In addition to Spring Lake Heights, Capristo also served as municipal clerk in Jamesburg. Prior to entering the public sector, she had a 2-year career in corporate human resources. Her experience includes senior level management, compensation and benefits administration, employee relations, strategic planning, budgeting, and contract negotiation experience, Kara said. Of her one-time assistant, Casagrande said, “Kathleen is one of the most effective and efficient people I have ever worked with.” Casagrande, currently borough administrator in Fair Haven, formerly held that position in Spring Lake Heights.“My experience during the assessment and selection process solidified that the committee persons are committed to Colts Neck and its ongoing improvement and that’s important to me,” Capristo told the Two River Times.last_img read more

African National Congress celebrates 100 years

first_img(l to r) ANC general secretary GwedeMantashe, President Jacob Zuma,Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe andjustice minister Jeff Radebe cut thecentenary cake at the Free-State Stadium. Former President Thabo Mbeki, RevJesse Jackson and President Jacob Zumachat while eating birthday cake. The three days of celebration culminatedin a fireworks display.(Images: Skyscraper City)MEDIA CONTACTS• Jackson MthembuANC: National Spokesperson+27 82 370 8401Ray MaotaAfrica’s oldest liberation struggle movement and South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has turned 100 years old.Thousands of people descended on the quiet Free State province to the city of Mangaung, also known as Bloemfontein, to celebrate the party’s existence since 8 January 1912.The celebrations were attended by former heads of state, current leaders, the party’s political elite, and throngs of ordinary citizens.Those in attendance included former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda; Ugandan president Yuweri Museveni; Namibian president Hifikepunye Pohamba; Mozambican president Armando Guebuza; and Rev Jesse Jackson from the US.“Let’s congratulate South Africa for a job well done on their freedom. The ANC brought this country’s people into a new dawn,” said Kaunda.Museveni labelled the ANC’s centenary as an “achievement for the entire African continent.”The motto for the celebrations is Unity in Diversity – also South Africa’s national motto – and the party truly displayed this sentiment after being plagued with faction fighting over the past year, especially with its youth wing.But it showed a united front throughout the weekend of festivities.Former ANC and South African president Thabo Mbeki was seen laughing heartily with the incumbent president Jacob Zuma and suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.Zuma said: “We continue to have different and differing perspectives on the processes unfolding in our country. Despite the progress we have made, there remain deep fault lines in our society that continue to undermine our vision of a united, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa.”Nobel Peace laureate and the country’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela, was there in spirit although not in person.Attendees were reminded of the elder statesman’s contribution to democracy by the many posters of him, and other former presidents of the party, hung throughout the usually quiet city.Baleka Mbete, the ANC’s national chairperson, said: “He is in good spirits but very, very old.”Nobody expected the centenary events to be anything else but pomp and ceremony with nearly R100-million (US$12.4-million) spent to commemorate this achievement.The celebrationsThe celebrations included a golf day; gala dinner; a cow slaughtering ritual to appease the ancestors; a centenary torch lighting ceremony and a rally held at the Free State stadium, which included a concert by some of South Africa’s most prominent artists.The golfing took place at Schoeman Park golf club in Bloemfontein on 6 January 2011.ANC stalwart and enthusiastic golfer Andrew Mlangeni opened the celebrations by playing a round of golf with government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi; Justice minister Jeff Radebe; former ANC chief whip Tony Yengeni; former South Africa Broadcasting Corporation chief executive Dali Mpofu; and United Democratic Movement leader and MP Bantu Holomisa.On 7 January, a cow slaughtering ritual took place at the Waaihoek Wesleyan Church – where the ANC was founded – as part of a cleansing ceremony to thank the ancestors for helping the party reach such a milestone and to ask for guidance in the future.Luxury cars lined the streets and hymns were sung along with revolutionary songs as dignitaries entered the birthplace of the movement.Waaihoek Church is where the party’s first president John Dube and his compatriots Sol Plaatjie and Pixley ka Isaka Seme founded the organisation as the South African Native National Congress.The slaughtering of an animal in most African cultures symbolises a connection with the ancestors to give thanks for blessings received, and to ask for more blessings.Later that night Zuma lit a centenary torch that will go around the country throughout the year to commemorate the centenary. It was handed over to the Free State leadership of the ANC, who will in turn hand it over to the party’s Western Cape leaders, where the next celebrations will be held.The torch will make its way back to Bloemfontein when the party holds its national conference in December. Here party members will elect the next round of leaders.Mbete said the symbolism of the torch “is a poignant reminder of pulling together in one direction”.On 8 January, thousands gathered at the 48 000-seater Free State Stadium to celebrate. The mood was festive, and the stadium was a sea of yellow, green and black – the party’s colours.The 40°C temperature could not stop the people from rejoicing as they packed the stadium.The event opened with the singing of the national anthem and a prayer blessing by the country’s Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein and ANC chaplain-general Vukile Mehana.President Zuma made a speech and cut a huge cake, and the bottles were popped to toast the centenary.The rest of the day was about the entertainment of the revellers, who saw performances by singer Zahara, rapper AKA and the 100-year history of the ANC in the form of a play.TributesMany speakers throughout the weekend praised the ANC and the tributes poured in from as far afield as the UK.British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “On behalf of the British people, I want to congratulate you and everyone involved with the ANC on this very special anniversary,” in a letter addressed to Zuma.Leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, Helen Zille, said: “I extend my sincere congratulations to the ANC and its leader, President Zuma, on reaching this impressive milestone.“These 100 years show an extraordinary record, without parallel on the continent of Africa,” Zille continued. “If the ANC is saying this is much more than a celebration of the 100th birthday of a political party, we agree. It represents a history of progress, a quest for human rights and the advent of democracy after a long, arduous struggle that took over 80 years.”Kaunda stated that the liberation struggle would not mean anything if the fight against poverty in Africa was not won.“We have to fight poverty and all its offshoots of hunger, ignorance, disease, crime, corruption and above all, exploitation of one mind by another.”last_img read more

Meet the 2017 OEFFA Conference Keynote Speaker

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The need for personal, societal, and political transformation in our food and farm system and the challenge of growing organic agriculture with integrity to meet consumer demand will be the focus of a keynote address by farmer and activist Jim Riddle at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s (OEFFA) 38th annual conference, Growing Today, Transforming Tomorrow, this February in Dayton, Ohio.In his February 10 keynote address, “Transform Organic Today, Grow with Integrity Tomorrow,” Riddle will explore the environmental and health problems associated with our current food system, the need for farmers and citizens to engage in organic policy issues, and solutions for change.For more than 30 years, Riddle has been an organic farmer, inspector, educator, policy analyst, and activist.AUDIO: The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visits with Jim Riddle about the impact a President Trump Administation will have on organic agriculture and about the takeaways from his keynote address at the upcoming OEFFA Conference.Jim Riddle OEFFA 2017 SBFrom 2001 to 2006, Riddle served on the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Standards Board, chairing the board from 2004 to 2005. In the years since, he has remained engaged on organic issues and GMO labeling, calling for attention to process, transparency, and integrity.He is founding chair of the thriving Winona Farmers’ Market and the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA), and has served on the leadership team for eOrganic and on the boards of the International Organic Accreditation Service, Beyond Pesticides, and the Organic Processing Institute.He served on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Organic Advisory Task Force from 1991 to 2009, and was instrumental in passing Minnesota’s landmark organic certification cost-share program in 1998 and a national organic certification cost-share program in 2002. From 2006 to 2013, he worked for the University of Minnesota Southwest Research and Outreach Center as Organic Outreach Coordinator.From 2013 to 2016, Riddle coordinated organic research grant programs for the Ceres Trust. He has recently been appointed to chair the Minnesota Organic Advisory Task Force, which provides advice to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota. He and his wife also own and operate Blue Fruit Farm, a five acre fruit farm in southeastern Minnesota growing certified organic blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, black currants, blue plums, honeyberries, and juneberries. The farm is part of a 360 acre organically-managed land cooperative.On February 9, Riddle will facilitate a full-day, pre-conference intensive workshop, titled, “Respect Your Elderberries: Growing and Selling Niche Fruit Crops from Aronia to Service Berries.”He will also lead two 90 minute workshops as part of the conference: “Getting Started with Blue Fruits” on February 10 and “An Agenda for Organic America” on February 11.“We’re excited to welcome Jim to this year’s conference, now in our new home in Dayton. He has been a leader in the organic movement and a knowledgeable, vocal advocate for strong and transparent standards for decades,” said OEFFA Program Director Renee Hunt.Riddle will speak as part of the Ohio’s largest sustainable food and farm conference, which will run Thursday, February 9 through Saturday, February 11 at the Dayton Convention Center.In addition to Riddle, this year’s conference will feature keynote speaker Robyn O’Brien on February 11; nearly 80 educational workshops; four pre-conference intensive workshops on February 9; a three-day trade show; networking events; activities for children and teens; locally-sourced meals; a raffle; book sales and signings, and more.For more information about the conference, or to register, go to read more

IT Spending: Financing New Initiatives by Reducing IT Waste

first_imgHow much are businesses spending on IT? 8.2 percent of revenue, according to a report by Flexera. And even slightly more, 9.3 percent of revenue, for businesses with more than 10,000 employees. “Companies that invest time and resources in this effort stand to achieve significant return on investment through the cost savings afforded by IT spend optimization.” Flexera: 2020 State of Tech Spend The report finds that as much as 30 percent of the IT budget is wasted or at least not being efficiently used. The suggestion is to try to get a handle on waste to free up dollars that can then be applied towards new initiatives, like digital transformation.center_img Top priorities for spending include: Digital TransformationCybersecurityCustomer experienceMigration to the cloudlast_img

Thoughts of Suicide – Having a Wingman Helps

first_imgDo you have a friend or loved one who you don’t know how to help and are worried about his or her emotional well-being?In a recent article from Military Pathways, Having a Wingman Improves Your Mental Health, the article discusses a new method to suicide prevention.The Wingman Project, an Air National Guard suicide intervention organization, uses the Wingman approach to providing care by emphasizing the importance of a buddy system to keep each other safe and aware of signs of suicide or depression.last_img

Estrella shines as Mapua stuns Perpetual in battle of also-rans

first_imgNonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Read Next Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:12San Beda, Lyceum early favorites ahead of NCAA Season 9301:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games NU, UP dominate their way to finals berths in UAAP badminton For the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. The senior guard fired nine of his 22 points in the payoff period, to go with four rebounds, four assists, and a steal in the win.“During our last huddle, coach was telling us that this is for JP (Nieles). He gave his all and that happened, so we didn’t let this game go,” shared Estrella as the team dedicated the win to their teammate JP Nieles, who hurt his left knee with 5:16 left in the fourth quarter.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutMapua faced a 64-57 deficit halfway through the fourth quarter, but Estrella scored seven of the Cardinals’ last 11 points, none bigger than his go-ahead trey at the top of the key with 20.6 seconds to go to give his side a 74-71 lead.GJ Ylagan tried to tie the game, but his trey went in-and-out, which led to Leo Gabo scoring the dagger layup with 10.6 ticks on the clock. BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LATEST STORIES Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong Citycenter_img Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  The Scores:MAPUA 76 – Estrella 22, Buñag 19, Victoria 14, Aguirre 9, Gabo 6, Raflores 6, Jimenez 0, Nieles 0, Orquina 0, Pelayo 0.PERPETUAL 71 – Ylagan 22, Pido 18, Eze 15, Sadiwa 5, Yuhico 5, Lucente 4, Dagangon 2, Clemente 0, Coronel 0, Mangalino 0, Tamayo 0.Quarters: 22-17, 38-42, 55-55, 76-71. MOST READ Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Christian Buñag chimed in 19 markers and 14 boards, while Laurenz Victoria got 14 points, nine rebounds, and five assists for Mapua.The Cardinals moved up to ninth place in the team standings with their 3-12 card.Perpetual suffered its fifth straight defeat and fell down to 4-11 in the battle of also-rans.Ylagan topped the Altas with 22 points and six rebounds, while Keith Pido got 18 markers and six boards.Prince Eze tallied 15 points and 14 rebounds in the losing effort.ADVERTISEMENT LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Mapua’s Andoy Estrella. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netWith nothing to lose, Mapua pulled off a 76-71 stunner over Perpetual to nab its first streak in the NCAA Season 93 men’s basketball tournament Thursday at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.Andoy Estrella once again didn’t shy away from the spotlight, drilling the game-tying floater and the go-ahead trey in the final minute to hand the Cardinals their third win in 15 games this season.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

Government and Teachers Sign Wage Agreement

first_imgFollowing months of deliberations, the island’s teachers have accepted the Government’s four-year wage offer.The new Heads of Agreement for the 2017 to 2021 contract period was signed between the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) and the Government during a ceremony at the National Heroe Circle offices of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, on Wednesday (May 16).Portfolio Minister, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke, said the Government values the nation’s teachers and the role they play in the society.“The teachers of Jamaica represent a foundation in our society. We have all been influenced by teachers who have played crucial roles in our own individual lives, and we wouldn’t be where we are without our teachers,” he said.Dr. Clarke said he is pleased that an agreement was reached that all involved were comfortable with.President of the JTA, Georgia Waugh Richards, said she is pleased that all parties have come to an agreement after a tough negotiating process.“We had brought the offer to the teachers of Jamaica, and we all agreed that the four-year contract period would hold, but there are other items of fringe benefits that had seen improvements, and based on that, the teachers decided that it was now time to accept,” she said.She noted however, that she could not disclose the new package until the nation’s teachers were first briefed on the final agreement.“We have listened to the voices of the teachers of Jamaica and we have acted according to their wishes, and so we look forward to future collaborations and discussions as they relate to the well-being of the teachers of Jamaica,” she said.In the meantime, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Dean-Roy Bernard, said he is pleased with the outcome of the negotiations.“We have done very well in negotiating on behalf of the welfare of our beloved almost 25,000 teachers, and this is a signal moment and we are happy to be part of it,” he said.The teachers have agreed to wage increases over the agreed period of five per cent in the first year; two and four per cent in the second and third years, respectively; and five per cent in the final year.last_img read more