Work issues put at heart of government

first_imgWork issues put at heart of governmentOn 19 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Therestructuring of Whitehall has placed workplace issues at the centre ofgovernment, claims the CIPD. JohnPhilpott, the institute’s chief economist, explained that the reformed departmentsare better equipped to deliver the Government’s objectives of increasedemployment, improved work quality and higher productivity levels.Themerger of the employment service with the Department of Social Security tocreate a new Department for Work and Pensions will lead to a greater focus onemployment policy.Philpottsaid, “This has completely demolished the old-fashioned concept of socialsecurity and is much more work focused.”Thetransfer of the employment division from the old DfEE is also good news for theHR profession, claims Philpott.Hesaid, “There was a tendency before for the skills agenda to get mixed upwith Welfare for Work agenda. But the creation of a Department of Work andPensions means there will be more scope for workforce development.”Healso welcomed Patricia Hewitt’s appointment as Trade and Industry Secretary andMinister for Women. “Thisis a politically shrewd move. It will provide an opportunity for linkingwork-life balance issues with issues of productivity,” he said.TheDTI has taken on equal opportunities and pay issues as well as work-lifebalance from the Department for Education and Skills.Theshape of key government departments Departmentof Trade and Industry:Secretaryof state: Patricia HewittFocus: Trade, inward investment, equal opportunities, pay, work-life balanceDepartmentof Work and Pensions:Secretaryof state: Alistair DarlingFocus: Employment, with its transfer from DfEEDepartmentfor Education and Skills:Secretaryof state: Estelle MorrisFocus: Raising standards in education in secondary schools and by getting morestudents into higher educationHomeOffice: Secretaryof state: David BlunkettFocus: Tackling crime, reform of criminal justice system and asylum Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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