Brazil and Colombia to Coordinate Border Protection

first_imgBy Dialogo August 08, 2011 On 4 August, in the city of Tabatinga, on the triple border between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, Brazil and Colombia signed an agreement to create a Binational Border Commission (Combifron) and adopt a Binational Plan for Border Security. Launched by President Dilma Rousseff at the beginning of June 2011, the Strategic Border Plan anticipates signing agreements with countries that share borders with Brazil. Colombia and Brazil share a 1,645-kilometer border. Located in the Amazon, in areas of difficult access, the region suffers from drug trafficking, illegal mining, bio-piracy, and smuggling of fauna and flora. The Combifron will have the objective of strengthening cooperation and the exchange of information between the two countries’ military and police forces and other relevant agencies involved in security of the bilateral border zone and its ecosystems. The members of the group will identify illicit activities, for the purpose of jointly fighting them through the use of applicable international tools. Besides this, they will study shared solutions for threats and illicit activities related to drug trafficking and the presence of criminal organizations. The commission will coordinate the activities of the public-safety agencies, the armed forces, and the intelligence agencies of both countries, in order to conduct joint operations aimed at dismantling transnational criminal activities such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, smuggling, illegal migration, money laundering, and arms and explosives trafficking.last_img

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