Are Emotional Affairs Considered Cheating?.

first_img Share LifestyleRelationships Are Emotional Affairs Considered Cheating?. by: – June 17, 2011 Sharing is caring! Share Sharecenter_img By Tony Nguyen, BounceBack StaffRelationships are like marathons. Along the way, distractions challenge the mettle of couples that look to cross the finish line.It takes a concerted effort to navigate through the mental and physical obstacles most couples are bound to encounter. And in this race, success isn’t measured by who finishes first or last – it’s guided by the will to win moral victories. Many reach the finish line, but others will stumble, some hindered by a faithful lover’s worst nightmare…Infidelity.Men and women alike succumb to this physical temptation, which makes cheating commonplace, often driven by a myriad of excuses used to justify the action. Ironically enough, many people that engage in affairs consider cheating immoral themselves. And an overwhelming majority echoes this point of view.Defining ‘cheating,’ though, hasn’t been so cut-and-dry. There’s an understanding of what it implies, but varying opinions still debate over what it involves; namely, the emotional versus physical kind. While the latter is associated with sexual acts, the former is differentiated by intimate feelings and discourse only, which spurs the question:Are emotional affairs considered cheating?Some would argue no, because physical intimacy isn’t involved. And without it, boundaries are not crossed. Cheating only occurs when a partner breaks the code of trust by actively fulfilling sexual fantasies with an individual outside of the relationship. Harm can’t be done if feelings aren’t acted upon.Others, however, contend that emotional affairs are wrong, even worse than physical ones. Relationships are built upon a strong affinity, where a spiritual element that blends intimacy and affection blossoms and is unique to both partners. This creates a deep emotional bond that connects them at the heart. So, for some, witnessing their partner fall out of love cuts deeper – a wound that takes more time to heal because it exposes an intimate attachment thought to be reserved only for them.With many couples, unspoken boundaries are laid out before commitment begins. And cheating is one that outlines a danger zone. Unfortunately, many individuals lose sight and run into this area, ending the trust that serves as a backbone for all aspiring relationships.Cheating is cheating, but to what extent?Tony Nguyen is a huge foodie, Western Washington University graduate (Vikings!), and loves everything about the beautiful Pacific BounceBack Tweet 74 Views   no discussionslast_img

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