DO YOU HAVE FEVER? nCoV alert: City hall clients to undergo temperature check

first_imgAs this was being written, it wasunclear when would the city government start purchasing non-contactthermometers. For the time being, the citygovernment has made available at city hall hand sanitizers and soaps in itswashing areas (restrooms). The Iloilo Airport services twointernational flights – Iloilo to Singapore and vice versa, and Iloilo to HongKong and vice versa. Areport on the early stages of the outbreak by the Lancet medical journal said mostpatients who died from the virus had pre-existing conditions. According to Treñas, the citygovernment is taking these steps in response to the call of the RegionalDevelopment Council and Regional Peace and Order Council in Western Visayasthat all local government units help detect people possibly infected with the2019-nCoV. The thermometers would be distributedto health centers, dedicated ambulances and at city hall. Cebu Pacific already halted its HongKong-Iloilo flight beginning Feb. 4. This would stretch up to March 29. To date, Iloilo City has two personsunder investigation (PUI) for 2019-nCoV with one – a three-year-old Chinesechild—already tested negative for the virus. Last week, Treñas said flights fromSingapore to Iloilo and vice versa must be temporarily halted, too, as aprecautionary measure against the spread of 2019-nCoV. In letters to threeairlines, he pointed out the “rising cases of the novel coronavirus globally.” Treñas is also set to issue amemorandum to all restaurants, hotels, department stores, and otherestablishments requesting them to provide hand sanitizers, washing areas andsoaps that can be used by their clients or costumers. PAL and Air Asia actually have noSingapore and Hong Kong flights from and to the Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan,Iloilo. Only Cebu Pacific has. The city government is getting moreproactive in its bid to keep the city free from the novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) which has so far killed 801 people in China, and one each in HongKong and the Philippines. The meeting will be at the SMXConvention Center in Pasay City. The main types of non-contactthermometers are non-contact infrared thermometers, tympanic thermometers, andthermal scanners. Both Hong Kong and Singapore havereported 2019-nCoV infections. Non-contact thermometers allow aperson’s temperature to be taken with minimal or no contact with the person.This means temperature can be measured without the discomfort of having to sitstill with a thermometer in the mouth, armpit, or rectum long enough to obtaina correct temperature reading. A fever is a temporary increase inbody temperature above its normal range (98.6 F or 37 C), often due to anillness. Having a fever is a sign that something out of the ordinary is goingon in the body. ILOILO City – The temperature of allpeople entering city hall would be checked. Mayor Jerry Treñas issued theorder. “Konmag ginutok to sila sa Kalibo kag may magmasakit, waay man na sila ibannga kadtuan kundi diri man gihapon sa aton. We are concerned. Ginaproteksyunan ta ang aton pumoluyodasun sige ila pa pasulod,” Treñas lamented./PN Handheld thermal scanners can be usedto take a person’s temperature from a greater distance than other non-contactthermometers, which may make them a good candidate for use in mass screeningsituations. Non-contact infrared thermometers areheld three to 15 cm away from the patient and typically measure temperature onthe forehead or temple. Treñas also expressed concern over thecontinued entry of international flights at the Kalibo International Airport,although those from China have been temporarily stopped. The lack of contact also means thedisinfection process between patients for the thermometers is minimal orunnecessary, allowing for easier and faster use when screening large numbers ofpeople. However, the airline is maintainingits Singapore to Iloilo flights and vice versa, according to Iloilo Airportterminal supervisor Arthur Parreño. Theinfection seems to start with a fever, followed by a dry cough and then, aftera week, leads to shortness of breath. But in more severe cases, infection cancause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and evendeath. Tympanic thermometers measure thethermal radiation from the tympanic membrane and within the ear canal. Treñas wrote letters to Cebu PacificAir, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia that they “voluntarily cease yourinternational flights to and from countries positive with the 2019 novelcoronavirus immediately.” Treñas did not say when thetemperature checks would start. Friday last week he announced that the citygovernment would be purchasing 78 non-contact thermometers as part of theprecautionary measures against the 2019-nCov. Today, Treñas is attending a meetingof all the country’s mayors and governors that President Rodrigo Dutertecalled. last_img

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