Shorter Games

first_imgEveryone seems to be concerned about the length of sporting events these days.  The baseball commissioner and the players association are constantly in disagreement on rules to shorten the game.  The commissioner did win this past off-season by getting a rule approved to simply send a player to first base on an intentional walk.In golf you now have only 3 minutes to look for a lost ball rather than the 5 minutes of years passed.  If you have an unplayable lie and need to drop the ball, you can do so by holding the ball only a few inches off the ground instead of dropping of it from a standing position as was the rule.  This means the ball should not roll and it would take only one drop instead of several.The NFL is considering rules to cut down on the number of replays that a coach can call.  They also want to cut down on some of the automatic replays that now occur on things like touchdowns.  Some touchdowns are obvious, and why would you need a replay?Research has shown that people’s attention spans are extremely short, and any way a sport can speed up play will be more enticing to the average fan.  Die harts will watch no matter what.last_img

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