George Taliaferro

first_imgEveryone knows that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball.  Few of us are probably familiar with George Taliaferro who was the first African-American player to be drafted by an NFL team.  This occurred in 1949.Taliaferro was a 3-time All-American at Indiana University.  He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 13th round.  He did not play in the NFL until 1950 when he joined the New York Yanks one year and then moved on to play for the Dallas Texans, the Baltimore Colts, and the Philadelphia Eagles.  If you wonder about 1949, he played for a team called the Los Angeles Dons which was not an NFL team.Taliaferro passed away in Bloomington, Indiana, at the age of 91 this fall.  He was a true trailblazer!last_img

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