first_img:08 Man, ya’ll be missing it! Another great party was given Sunday by the Highland Park Tennis Club over at club president Fred Crawford’s Omega Psi Phi fraternity house in East Liberty. Food, drinks, the Steelers game on big, big, big screen TV, celebrity guest Judge Dwayne Woodruff (former Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champion) and Charles “Buddy” Allie (World Masters Track Champion), and a special guest in from Houston (no you knucklehead…Houston, Texas, not Houston, Pa.), anyway, he was in town to see his son’s TCU team beat up on WVU. But get this, not only is he a two-time Olympian, but he currently holds “17” count ‘em…17 Masters Track world records and is considered the greatest Masters Track champion of all time.SPECIAL NOTE: If I keep kicking you the party updates, ya’ll might have to stop reading Brother Ash and Debbie Norrell. I’m just sayin’!:07 Just a question that I’ve never gotten an answer to. If Billie Jean was not Michael Jackson’s lover …then whose baby was it? I’m just askin’!:06 Ok, ok, you want some sports, hhheeerrreee we go. At the buzzer:•Pitt and WVU didn’t have scandal one, but look who’s rolling big time, yep…the Penn State Nittney Lions. I told you after the dust settles and if it’s not connected to you personally …NOBODY-CARES-AFTER-THE-FIRST-TOUCHDOWN!!! It’s just how we are.•Where is the boxing heavyweight division?•Speaking of Pitt…and I was, you play Notre Dame down to the wire, overcome all the bad calls, and miss a 33-yard field goal…c’mon man!!!•Pitt is it now, but will the hoop squad be it when it really matters? Stay tuned.•The Buddy Allie story is coming. Just be patient, will ya.•Huge karate tournament will be held at Valley High School in New Kensington Saturday from 12-6 p.m. Brought to you by the legend, Frank Calaguiri and the boys. The greatest black belts in the nation get it on and will feature the return of the great Jacquet Basemore to the ring. BE THERE!!!•I thought you said the Steelers had no offensive line. Well explain to me how they had their third consecutive 100-yard plus rushing day with a different back. And, oh yeah, beat the world champion New York Giants and “Eli” in the process. Huh!!!•No hockey…well, you know!•It’s Terry Smith and Gateway Gator Time!•Oliver Luck is the real deal and so is RGIII, but the baddest man in town might still be Peyton Manning…Keep watching.•Fred, it’s on. I got the “Lakers,” you got the “Heat!”•Yeah, the Steelers are for real. I told you three weeks ago it was just going to take time to gel—not to mention getting healthy and overcoming the constant bad calls and no calls. I mean James Harrison is being held on about every play and they’re just waiting to throw the flag on our D-backs for helmet to helmet hits. What helmet to helmet hits?There’s your sports…you guessed it…now shut up!:05 To the “Brother” that stopped me at the “Get out the Vote” rally at Hill House on Saturday and said he really liked “Overtime,” I am sorry I didn’t get your name, but you’re now “In the Locker Room.” You know who you are.:04 What about O.J.???:03 To the legend that is simply known as “Rocky” get well soon mmmaaannn!! You’re the greatest one-armed race car driving, Corvette machine owner, smack talker in Pittsburgh history.:02 Let me just say this, and this is on the “down low” for real. If there are now 43 million people on food stamps because of Obama…if ya’ll want to keep them stamps coming, ya better vote for the guy that hooked ya up! I’m just saying!:01 Thanks, Ed Gainey for the massive voter rally you gave at Kingsley last week. Great program, great speakers, great crowd and great food…great job!! And likewise to Luther Sewell and Tim Stevens (Talk Magazine, B-Pep) and the entire committee for the tremendous rally you put on at the Hill House Saturday. The Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club showcasing their cars, the powerful speakers, the Allure Models and the amazing performances of Leonard Johnson and “The Project,” the amazing Yolanda Barber and whoever the M.C. was…that guy was great!!!:00 Double Overtime:Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 37th Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Banquet coming up on Sunday, Dec. 9 at the 3 Lakes Golf Club in Penn Hills, featuring top MVP honors going to former world heavyweight champion, Pittsburgh’s own Michael Moorer, Coach Terry Smith, Coach Harvey Smith and many others and starring the fabulous Yolanda Barber (recently seen on NBC’s The Voice) performing live. For ticket information, call The Champions at 412-628-4856.~ GAME OVER ~ BILL NEAL :10 Listen, if you want some more Overtime for the next four years, you gotta VOTE…VOTE…VOTE!!! If Obama is out, I am out, too!:09 Laker haters, yeah, I’m talking to you, you can shut-up now. We got the first win on the way to the NBA championship in the can thanks to the help of the Detroit Pistons.last_img

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