BECU Continues To Be Committed To The Education Of Our Children

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0Dave Lehnis, Steve Capps, Greg BurkhartAs the state politicians debate about balancing the budget, most can agree the hardest hit budgets are those that benefit the education of our youth. Budget cuts are wide spread thought-out most districts in the state, teachers are taking pay cuts and school levies are increasing to help cover the deficit faced by state government. Many organizations have also cut donations and programs to help benefit education due to economic woes. Even in the midst of economic hardship faced by our state, BECU continues to be committed to the education of our children.In 2012 BECU provided over $100,000 in grants to 47 schools in Western Washington. In Thurston County alone, six schools have received over $14,000 in grant money, like the one presented to Mr. Burkhart at Timberline High School to purchase new technology needed for his science class.  “This grant will purchase technol­ogy that will give my students labora­tory experience that is similar to that of the courses they will be taking in college,” Burkhart said. “It will provide experience with a valuable tool that they can use in engineering, math and science courses in college.” The grants help fund education materials or programs that help students, and align with several BECU values and mission: financial education, environmental sustainability and technology tools to enhance learning in reading, writing, math or science.“Technology is leading our children into the next millennium. This grant will help them with hands-on understanding of the science world outside of their classrooms,” said Steve Capps, manager of the Hawks Prairie BECU. “It is great to see our teachers being so proac­tive to help their classrooms and students.”last_img

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