Hollis Davis Story – A life in Mining

first_imgHer journey into a life of mining commenced with her husband. By constantly accompanying her husband into the interior, Hollis David developed a love for mining. That love saw her setting up her own mining operation. But, aside from the love for mining, Hollis saw it as an opportunity to provide a better life for her family.Hollis would go on to say, “I took the opportunity, and was not disappointed”.While the issue of discrimination has always been a topical one, Hollis has not found it to be a bother, since she has always maintained a positive posture, holding firm to the belief of “mutual” respect.Responding to whether she gained from the support of mentors and/or sponsors, Hollis reasoned that her spouse has “always had my back through thick and thin”.But as with any career, there will be challenges. The mother of four listed dishonesty and the plight that comes with mining as two typical challenges that she has encountered for the years she’s been in the sector. Those challenges were overcome by putting better management systems in place and placing additional focus on the career path she has embraced.Futuristically, Hollis dreams of setting up her own business; one that specialises in the retail of mining equipment and spare parts used in mercury-free mining.But apart from the challenges and successes, Hollis said, “I wish someone had told me how challenging it (is) to manage a workforce in the mining sector”.However, to any young woman contemplating venturing into mining, Hollis says, “Go for it! It will be challenging, but (you have to) be strong”.Hollis doesn’t sit on any board, since she travels very often in and out of the interior. She doesn’t have the time for that, but if time were to permit, she would happily do so.Incorporating best practices within her mining operation is paramount. The medium scale miner says she ensures all workers wear safety gear, and there are proper “tail end ponds”. “I make sure that the mercury is burnt in a proper place too”, she added.The Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) member encourages all members of this organisation to actively engage in best practices and sustainable mining.Hollis is most passionate about travelling to various parts of Guyana and waking up to the fresh morning breeze in the “land of many waters”.Interestingly, Hollis manages being a miner and a mother just fine. “I balance it well. I make sure that my children are well taken care of. Likewise, the business; I make sure everything goes well with it, too”, she says.Hollis enjoys spending quality time with her family, which includes taking her children out, and cooking for them.last_img

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