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Growing concern in Beijing over local waters may spell bad news for far-flung fishing grounds as Chinese fleets turn their attention to bountiful seas across the developing world New data from environmental groups indicates that Chinas several hundred-strong "distant water fleet" is increasingly employing IUU tactics to plunder millions of dollars of seafood disguising their true location employing destructive fishing techniques and flouting the territorial boundaries of sovereign nations A significant proportion of this is destined for American dinner tables; one study estimates that 20% to 32% of all wild-caught seafood imported to the US in 2011 was illegally procured China is the No 1 exporter of seafood to American homes Environmentalists warn that without action we could face mass extinction on the seas In addition IUU fishing endangers the livelihoods of millions of people and threatens global security prompting calls for better enforcement of regulations to compliment new state of the art vessel-tracking tools West Africa which boasts some of the worlds most fertile and productive fishing grounds is particularly vulnerable as local governments suffer from poor enforcement capabilities and endemic corruption Today one-third of all seafood caught off West Africa is illegally obtained by Chinese fishermen says Steve Trent executive director of the London-based NGO Environmental Justice Foundation "Its happening on an alarming scale and bigger than weve ever seen before" Adrift in the South China Sea on a Boat Called ‘Wonder Boy’ The "Wonder Boy" a 36-foot bamboo outrigger boat on which TIME’s East Asia bureau chief Hannah Beech and photographer Chiara Goia made their voyage to the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea May 10 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Hannah at the dock before embarking on the four day voyage May 7 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME The "Wonder Boy" prepares to set sail May 7 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Approaching the Philippine controlled Flat Island (aka Patag Island) in the South China Sea May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A soldier takes a dip in the water off the Philippine controlled Flat Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Seven Filipino soldiers walk with their dogs along the shoreline of Flat Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in one of the buildings on Flat Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A gun rests in one of the buildings that houses the soldiers living on Flat Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A Chinese boat is seen off the coast of Flat Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A soldier stands by binoculars used for monitoring passing vessels off the coast of Flat Island in the South China Sea May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A soldier outside one of the two buildings on Flat Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Soldiers play basketball on Nanshan Island (aka Lawak Island) another of the Spratly Islands May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Birds on Nanshan Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Soldiers in the kitchen area on Nanshan Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME The lights of boats are seen from the coral reef of Nanshan Island May 8 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME A tuna fishing boat from General Santos City in Mindanao gives the "Wonder Boy" help with directions May 9 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Hannah waits for coordinates from the adjacent fishing boat for the location of the Sierra Madre May 9 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME Dawn over the South China Sea May 10 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME View of the South China Sea on route back to Rizal Palawan Philippines May 10 2016 Chiara Goia for TIME 1 of 19 Advertisement Much of impoverished West Africa relies on fishing for income and sustenance However Chinese fishing vessels using illegal techniques like large "drift nets" banned by the UN in 1992 because of their indiscriminate killing have lead to a precipitous decline in the number and size of fish caught Drift nets uncovered by environmentalists range from 10 to over 100 nautical miles in length plunging from buoys at the surface to lead weights some 40 ft deep Traditional fishermen paddling dugout wooden canoes and hand-casting nets cannot compete with these "insidious curtains of death" as they have been dubbed by one environmental group Sharks turtles and porpoises are routinely snared as bycatch "Two or three industrial vessels can clear the near coastal waters of Sierra Leone for example in a very short period of time if they use destructive fishing gear and practices" says Trent "Its not about hundreds or thousands; relatively few boats can wreak havoc" Read More: The Environment Is the Silent Casualty of Beijings Ambitions in the South China Sea Five years ago most boats targeting West Africa were Taiwanese or South Korean; now nearly all are Chinese As well as corruption and poor enforcement efforts to stop IUU fishing are deliberately hampered by Chinese vessels concealing their identities Often they simply change the names painted on the side unlawfully adopt the flags of the host nation or flee to international waters if challenged by the local coast guard Increasingly though boats are concealing their true whereabouts by tampering with Automatic Identification System (AIS) devices AIS are global satellite positioning beacons that display a vessels location They can be picked up by various monitoring systems including satellites and handheld receivers However coverage is piecemeal and different nations have contrasting AIS regulations For the past three years SkyTruth a US NGO has been working with Google and environmental group Oceana to develop a global AIS monitoring system Global Fishing Watch to allow real-time tracking of vessels in a bid to combat IUU fishing It is due to go live later this year In the course of his research one of SkyTruths top researchers Bjorn Bergman noticed something curious He saw that a Chinese vessel with an AIS reading in international waters off New Zealand was adopting a curious though somewhat familiar route "We moved its track over and saw it fitted exactly against the coast of South America" he tells TIME "It was pretty clear that the Straits of Magellan was the real location of the boat" Since then SkyTruth says that by contrasting AIS with visual or other forms of data it has proved that at least 40 Chinese vessels are transmitting consistently false locations There have been boats claiming to be off the coast of Mexico but really in the Guinea EEZ and some even bizarrely purporting to be in the center of landmasses "It is almost exclusively Chinese vessels that we have found spoofing" he says Read More: Oceans: From Climate Change to Overfishing Bad News for the Deep Blue Most of the vessels involved belong to the Fu Yuan Yu fleet According to official records there are 29 long-range fishing companies in Chinas southern Fujian province sending out 500 boats the majority of which use the name Fu Yuan Yu with a number attached Fu Yuan Yu ships also comprise most of those currently operating off the coast of Japans EEZ "Some of these are also falsifying AIS data" says the same Japanese official (TIME contacted several of the specific companies involved but failed to get a response from any) A Foreign Ministry spokesperson tells TIME that no Chinese vessels were transmitting false locations using illegal fishing methods and that China abided by international maritime laws "We received one complaint from Japan and have investigated" he says A spokesperson for Chinas Fisheries department adds that AIS systems on fishing boats are strictly checked when installing and regularly examined by authorities "Fishing tools are subject to Chinese law any violation will be punished" he says Chinas new five-year plan flags fishing overcapacity as a significant problem and state media on Wednesday trumpeted a joint operation with the US Coast Guard in the Pacific which it says snared "hundreds" of illegal fishing boats since July 21 of them using drift nets However top-level policy appears estranged from implementation "We protest a lot to the Chinese government but they just ignore us" says the Japanese official Environmentalists are calling on the Beijing authorities to better regulate the activities of all Chinese vessels scale back overcapacity and end the state subsidies fishing operations enjoy They also want China and all world governments to make AIS systems obligatory and companies legally culpable should their readings not be correct Unique vessel identifiers a permanent code equivalent to a car vehicle-identification number etched into the engine block should also be made mandatory for all vessels around the globe they say Read More: Inside the International Contest Over the Most Important Waterway In the World Making AIS mandatory would also aid the ability of SkyTruths Global Fishing Watch system to track all vessels around the world flagging those that appear to be using destructive fishing techniques like drift nets Vessels exhibit certain characteristics depending on their purpose Container ships for example always take the straightest possible route between two ports to reduce fuel costs SkyTruth is developing an algorithm that would automatically flag vessels that betray classic drift net fishing behavior essentially sailing in large loops with lengthy pauses at each end via their AIS readings That way when retailers such as Walmart or Costco are sourcing seafood they can choose those fishing vessels that have satellite data definitely showing where when and how they have been operating "When the market starts rewarding operators that are transparent and trackable and penalizing those that arent then were really going start shrinking down the dark fleet" says SkyTruth president John Amos Combining responsible consumption satellite technology and enhanced enforcement will help protect the world’s seas and those that live by them from creeping ruin With reporting by Zhang Chi / Beijing Write to Charlie Campbell at [email protected] Japanese resupply spacecraft successfully docked to the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday and on board there was some unusual cargo Included in the 10000 lb of supplies were five whiskey samples sent into orbit by Japanese alcoholic-drinks conglomerate Suntory reports the Associated Press But astronauts on board the ISS wont be able to drink a drop of the liquor which was sent as part of an experiment to see whether spirits mellow at the same pace in microgravity as they do on earth The research is being conducted in the Japanese Experiment Module on the ISS and researchers at Suntory hope the experiments will help find a scientific explanation for the "mechanism that makes alcohol mellow" An identical set of samples is being stored in Japan and after a year or so the samples in orbit will return to earth to be compared analyzed and tasted Konnichiwa #Japan from @space_station Thanks for the special #HTV5 delivery today #YearInSpace pictwittercom/5cbKf8ivcy Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) August 24 2015 The whiskey experiment isnt the first drinks-related study to take place on the ISS Already on board are specially designed coffee cups that have revolutionized how astronauts drink in space and could help scientists build better and safer advanced fluid systems And on earth a company called Cosmic Lifestyle Corp has even invented a zero-gravity-friendly martini glass See Scenes From Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Second Month in Space Astronaut Scott Kelly has posted a photo almost every day since arriving at the ISS Here see a selection from his second month of his year in space (Via Twitter on May 13 2015) NASA "Get ready to test your #geography skills I’ll post a new #SpaceGeo pic today How to play: http://s.1usagov/1bw0Xuh" – via Twitter on April 29 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Enjoying morning coffee with my friend @tomkochnews and @abc13houston aboard @Space_Station #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 1 2015 NASA "#SaturdayMorning #coffee with my old friend #PlanetEarth #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 2 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "If I was looking through a microscope instead of a very big camera lens I would think I was looking at a virus" – via Twitter on May 3 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Had my first cup of fancy coffee yesterday from the much anticipated @Space_Station #espresso machine Not too bad" – via Twitter on May 4 2015 NASA "Space taco w rehydrated eggs sausage & hot sauce on a tortilla Happy #CincoDeMayo from @Space_Station #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 5 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#SpaceGeo A serpent is known for deceptive traits but don’t let this snake pull the wool over your eyes Name it" – via Twitter on May 6 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Looking at the sands of #Earth it’s hard to imagine there are more stars than every grain on our planet#YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 7 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Subtropical Storm #Ana churns off the East coast of USA #Wx from @Space_Station #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 8 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "I don’t know where in the US Southwest this is but it sure is beautiful #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 9 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#watercolor from space #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 10 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#MtEtna Highest European active #volcano lives up to its Italian name Mongibello (beautiful mountain) from space too" – via Twitter on May 11 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Caught our star peeking through #Dragon’s solar arrays today Good night from @Space_Station #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 13 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Watching my bro @ShuttleCDRKelly on #CelebrityJeopardy onboard @Space_Station this morning Great job representing" – via Twitter on May 15 2015 NASA "The view out my window #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 16 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#Africa Interesting how a barren desert exposes Earth in a surprising way that is beautiful from space #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 18 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "@POTUS Welcome to @Twitter Mr President You told me to #IG my mission up here Glad to see you tweeting down there" – via Twitter on May 19 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Guess what day it is #SpaceGeo New #geography trivia photo today How to play: http://s.1usagov/1bw0Xuh" – via Twitter on May 20 2015 NASA "Released #Dragon early this am @ISS_Research on Earth Mission success Congrats & good night from @Space_Station" – via Twitter on May 21 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "#RedSea I’d sure like to jump into you this morning #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 22 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "My ninth #SaturdayNight onboard @Space_Station #SaturdayFun #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 23 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Just flew over you #Honolulu #Hawaii Happy #MemorialDay #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on May 24 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "This #MemorialDay honoring those who gave their lives in service to our nation with a picture of #ArlingtonCemetary" – via Twitter on May 25 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA "Hard to imagine this underwater My thoughts are w those affected by the floods back home Stay safe #HoustonFlood" – via Twitter on May 26 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA 1 of 25 Advertisement Write to Helen Regan at [email protected] inspiring an exquisite seafood-rich national cuisine, for its inability to control the situation. mother, he would be most welcome.D. Had they had screening at 50.

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"The Trump administration is treating birth control as if it’s not even health care. putting in 16-hour days on the case.m.The city will pay for the projects as money is spent with cash on hand and then pay itself back as funds from the sales tax come in, We love you. though there are no easy answers and surefire solutions, and another 18 people, Chief Dr. "You need the soap and water and the friction. "India needs a FM.

which spent more than ever before — nearly $60 million in all — to support Democratic women this campaign season. Meanwhile, He was 66. whose appointment takes immediate effect,com." The federal government has said it wants to house about 1, Under the Hatch Act, Stone said Trump’s promise to uphold states’ rights to legalize marijuana gave the President a “slight edge” in winning the election. the couple will be in Northern Ireland," King said at the time.

Hollywood is supposedly a community of forward thinking and progressive people yet this horrific situation for women directors persists.

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