Terra Mauricia Ltd (TERA.mu) 2001 Annual Report

first_imgTerra Mauricia Ltd (TERA.mu) listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius under the Agricultural sector has released it’s 2001 annual report.For more information about Terra Mauricia Ltd (TERA.mu) reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the Terra Mauricia Ltd (TERA.mu) company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: Terra Mauricia Ltd (TERA.mu)  2001 annual report.Company ProfileTerra Mauricia Limited is an investment holdings conglomerate that is engaged in the production and distribution of alcoholic products, such as wine and spirits, and cane spirits, as well as sale of various consumable goods, production and sale of electricity from coal and bagasse. The company also manufactures and sells hollow concrete blocks, aggregates, rock sand products, rents properties and engages in the property development and promotion activities that include, site identification and surveying, project conception, market survey, administration, project management, as well as marketing and sale. Terra Mauricia Limited operates within the segments of sugar, commercial and alcohol production, and energy. The company is based in Mauritius. Terra Mauricia Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.last_img read more

Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited (MEI.mu) 2004 Annual Report

first_imgMauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited (MEI.mu) listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius under the Insurance sector has released it’s 2004 annual report.For more information about Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited (MEI.mu) reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited (MEI.mu) company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited (MEI.mu)  2004 annual report.Company ProfileMauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited is a leading insurance company headquartered in Mauritius that provides insurance products and services for private individuals, SMEs, and corporates in Mauritius, where services such as property insurance against damage to building and other structures, machinery equipment, motor insurance; liability insurance, including employers, family, product, professional indemnity, public, directors and officers liability, accident and health insurance are offered. Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.last_img read more

Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited (KNRE.ke) 2012 Abridged Report

first_imgKenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited (KNRE.ke) listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange under the Insurance sector has released it’s 2012 abridged results.For more information about Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited (KNRE.ke) reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited (KNRE.ke) company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited (KNRE.ke)  2012 abridged results.Company ProfileKenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited is a reinsurance company underwriting various classes of reinsurance for companies in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The company covers reinsurance for the short-term and long-term business sectors. Its short-term business division offers motor, marine, aviation, fire and accident reinsurance products. Its long-term business division offers individual and group life reinsurance products. Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited also has interests in property acquisition and management; including office buildings for rent and the development of office properties and housing projects. The company was founded in 1970 and its head office is in Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Limited is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchangelast_img read more

Black Lives Matter Group coming to Apopka

first_img July 18, 2016 at 4:33 pm Morganne TAGSAlonzo Williams ParkApopka Police DepartmentBlack Lives Matter Previous articleApopka Budget Workshop Schedule ReleasedNext articleHow to say NO to Pokemon GO Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR July 13, 2016 at 3:13 pm Reply UF/IFAS in Apopka will temporarily house District staff; saves almost $400,000 27 COMMENTS The Black Lives Matter – FL Chapter is planning a peaceful march and protest in Apopka on July 24th according to Chapter President Demarkus Johnson. The group plans to walk from Alonzo Williams Park at 515 South Hawthorne Avenue in Apopka to The Apopka Police Department at 112 East 6th Street. The event is planned to start at 6:00 PM.Demarkus Johnson is the President of Black Lives Matter – FL Chapter and is organizing the event.Johnson is from South Apopka. He graduated Apopka High School in 2005, and is currently attending Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach majoring in Criminal Justice.Johnson says the group has very specific goals.“We want the police to wear body cameras and to not turn them off. We want them to be fair and treat everyone equally. We want people to do their research and then get out and vote.”The group marched in Orlando last weekend, and plans events in Sanford (July 17th), Apopka (July24th) and in Kissimmee (on July 31st ). Previously Black Lives Matter – FL Chapter staged events in 2013 in protest of the Trayvon Martin shooting.On the Black Lives Matter website, they describe their organization as “An ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.  It is an affirmation of Black folks’ contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.” And give a speak? You should go to a bigger school than your backyard! Sandy Anyone correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard an interview on TV that the only times the cameras are allowed to be turned off is for restroom breaks and during lunch.They do not have carte blanche to turn the cameras off any time they choose. If a camera is turned off and it was not authorized they are to face a punishment of some kind. If a camera becomes inoperable they have policy’s in place for that too. The south apk lawyer This is a terrorist group funded by George Soros. He has given them 44 MILLION dollars to cause trouble. Yes, some of them may think they are being “targeted for demise”, but seriously? That is BULL. They should never be allowed to disrupt one single law abiding citizen. Not for 10 seconds. Throw the thugs out. July 13, 2016 at 9:02 pm Reply July 14, 2016 at 7:29 pm Florida gas prices jump 12 cents; most expensive since 2014 There really does not appear to be such a place. The first link to it comes back here. Common Sense Gov. DeSantis says new moment-of-silence law in public schools protects religious freedom Reply Please enter your comment! That’s very much true You seem to have some mindset that the introduction of a unified south and North apopka is blasphemous. I say no to your post, and you can bring that up at your next Poncan pride meeting. July 14, 2016 at 9:56 pm Reply July 13, 2016 at 8:48 pm Im African American Born in Weuxenburg Bavario Germany, Graduated from Apopka High School at The age of 16, I cant Wait to Participate In This March….Be Blessed #BLACKLIVESMATTER Frank Reply They have a constitutional right to 1st amendment to be an exact There are actually more WHITE ON WHITE SHOOTINGS than Black on Black. The percentage is lower only because there are three times as many whites as there are Blacks. 84% of all whites are shot by Whites and 93% of all Blacks are shot by blacks. Also while more whites are shot by Cops the percentage of Blacks shot shot by Cops is almost 3.1. Jan -Nov 2015 DOJ figures show (per million people) 6.2%Blacks (261) vs 2.1% (508). DOJ figures also show Blacks were arrested at a rate of 3x higher for minor offenses that whites received a warning for such as Marijuana possession. July 13, 2016 at 9:51 pm Reply The south apk lawyer Reply Reply July 18, 2016 at 3:49 pm Ron Reply July 14, 2016 at 9:05 am July 13, 2016 at 7:15 am Reply July 13, 2016 at 9:56 pm July 14, 2016 at 6:27 pm The south apk lawyer Reply Reply July 20, 2016 at 9:15 pm Thugs? Terrorist group? Who the funk is they? Sandy, I bet you have a black boyfriend in South apopka that loved you good and left you. The title for that is Heartbreaker, or in your case “pimp”. Common Sense If you don’t see the problem then you are the problem July 13, 2016 at 10:07 am LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply Reply Dee The south apk lawyer My question is why??? There has been no police shootings in Apopka however there has been MULTIPLE black on black shootings. This poses another question, why are there no marches for that cause? Seems to me there are a lot of ignorant people that are not educated in the whole mess. So incredably sad that so many lifes are being wasted. Another question? Without law enforcement body cams or not everyone is in trouble. I dont think body cams are a bad idea at all so lets march to the drug dealers wearing them, the rapest and the murders. So another question?? If all cops wear body cams will everyone shut the hell up and admit when you see the evidence that the cop was in 99% of cases was doing his/her job. Cops put up with unbelievable BS to keep YOU safe, your children safe, your parents & your family. Its so F’d up how everyone sees the worse 2 seconds of a video and assume the cop was in the wrong. People take responsibily for your actions. You wanna fight then consider the fight on terroism. Go fight ISIS for your freedom. Blm are setting themselves up to go backwards. Im confused by all the hype. The ignorant people they interview for blm cause does no one any favors. Most dont even know why they are there. The hatred spewed at these events, the garbage left everywhere and the children they bring into a volitile situation makes the USA look like a third world county. SMH KP The US Constitution allows protest gatherings. There are no standards for validity of how ill informed the protests are. Even if the protest is hate speech against the police they are still obligated to protect the protesters. Your idiotic rant was cancelled when you said “let’s go up to the drug dealers, rapists and murderers” with body cams on. You know these types of people? We should March on your violent friend knowing ass. Also, if you are an adult, please use spell check. I can’t take you seriously if you can’t spell it.center_img Wouldn’t that make you African -German-American ? Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter David July 13, 2016 at 9:48 pm Why would the city of Apopka allow it?Cant anyone say NO anymore?Your asking for trouble Reply People have a right to protest peacefully. I just hope that this is the case, when this protest comes to our city. Some people think that this protest should be just for South Apopka, and that the protest march should not be in the City of Apopka limit. I believe these people are missing the point of the march, altogether. One thing I do wonder myself is, why spend so much money buying the body cameras for the police, and then have a policy in place, that allows them to turn them off? That to me seems to defeat the purpose of the body cameras. Don’t think for a minute, that because I said that, that I don’t support the police, because I do. I would not want their jobs, under any circumstances, or for any amount of money! Let’s pray for our area, and that the protest goes peacefully. Our police are awesome. Reply Reply Reply Willie Neal July 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm Jo Reply David Common Sense Then you get a Dallas. Hate is still hate even if it is directed toward police. David July 14, 2016 at 7:28 pm Reply You protest where the issues are. In DC, Apopka people would pretend Apopka doesn’t have issues. Peaceful marches make people at least talk about the march and maybe the issues being raised. July 13, 2016 at 10:01 pm Reply What will this March actually accomplish ?.. The answer is; NOTHING……. Morganne Reply July 14, 2016 at 12:12 am July 13, 2016 at 9:14 pm July 14, 2016 at 7:32 pm rdavis July 13, 2016 at 9:22 pm I feel bad for the officers forced to work this protest. It must be very stressful to be protecting people who are spreading hatred towards you making your job even more dangerous. All while wondering if you are in the cross hairs of some nut-job emboldened by the rhetoric.Hopefully they are at least allowed to wear proper protective equipment. No they can’t say because it violates their first amendment right Reply July 14, 2016 at 10:02 pm Why protest in a small town? Go to a bigger one. You want your voice heard why not do the Martin Luther King way, March to Washington DC and give a speak. This.could turn ugly real fast, I hope not but what will be will be, let the hair go with the hide! July 13, 2016 at 2:05 pm Mike Reply Reply Sandy, Sandy, Sandy. You really should think for yourself. David July 20, 2016 at 9:27 pm You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here July 16, 2016 at 11:30 am Tony Bastanzio I’m struggling with marching for several reasons. I can’t bring myself to do anything that makes an officers job even more dangerous than an average day. A March of any kind gets media coverage which also attracts crazy radicals that can get access to firearms way to easily. In this day and age I really feel a March does more harm than good. We have so many other avenues to get our message out that don’t put innocent people (those marching and protecting) in danger. All I got to say is all life matters this back and forth ain’t getting no one anywhere. Reply Morganne Mama Mia Christy Reply Please enter your name here Reply July 13, 2016 at 11:15 am TheblessedOne Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.last_img read more

Casa Varatojo / Atelier Data

first_imgCopyLandscape Architecture:Susana Maria Rodrigues, António BettencourtStructure:Emanuel CorreiaArchitect In Charge:Filipe Vogt Rodrigues, Inês Maia Vicente, Marta Mateus FrazãoDesign Team:Filipe Rodrigues, Inês Vicente, Marta Frazão, André Almeida, António CotrimCity:Torres VedrasCountry:PortugalMore SpecsLess SpecsSave this picture!© Richard John SeymourRecommended ProductsWoodBruagBalcony BalustradesWoodSculptformTimber Click-on BattensWindowsVitrocsaMinimalist Window – SlidingWindowspanoramah!®ah!38 – FlexibilityText description provided by the architects. The Varatojo House is placed on a Hill, east from the city of Torres Vedras, Portugal.Set in a polygonal configuration plot and given its sun exposure (predominantly North/South) and also its main Northern wind direction, the design strategy began by considering the following issues:Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourPromoting relationship between building and landscape, taking advantage of the place’s overlooking position over the city, castle and surroundings;Save this picture!© Richard John Seymour Encouraging a strong complementarity between the house and the garden in order to create an intense visual relation between the inside and the outside, between construction and natural elements;Creating transversal relations between the North Side – (view) and the South side – (inner garden) mainly through the pool on the lower floor and modeling land of the garden;Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourRecycling of materials such as the walls of wooden pilings (former railway sleepers), introducing a certain experimentalism and innovation from the way the material is usually used for and thought to be;Encouraging the use of native vegetation in the garden.Save this picture!Floor PlanDesign Concept:The house is shaped by a spiral gesture intending to take advantage of the plot outline.Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourWe opted for the construction of a limit, a kind of line that gradually takes shape and thickness to accommodate the housing program.This gesture starts with the ramped access to the lot and ends on the opposite side of the house, achieving at this point two-stories high, thereby the contour of the house also reinforced this “gesture in spiral”.The adopted design strategy allowed us to create a living space on the site’s south side, protected from the strong Northern winds, which forced the existence of the main construction on the north side.Save this picture!Floor PlanProgram:From a functional standpoint, the program is distributed in three floors.The groundfloor centralizes most of the program.Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourThere is located the common areas – kitchen, living room and dining room – constrained to a single and continuous open space, enhanced by the ceilling plan. On the other hand, the rooms’ wing (with a much more restricted access) contains guest and children’s rooms, separated by a playing/studying room.Save this picture!Floor PlanOn the 1st floor is located the master bedroom with a deep balcony facing North, and on the South, there is a bathroom with a big window facing a small garden as its background.Still on this floor there is a library, a mezzanine space over the living space.On the lower floor the pool is the central space through where it is possible to connect with both north sights and south private garden, and also to enjoy the reflected landscape on the water. Portugal ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOrhttps://www.archdaily.com/511281/casa-varatojo-atelier-data Clipboard Casa Varatojo / Atelier DataSave this projectSaveCasa Varatojo / Atelier DataSave this picture!© Richard John SeymourHouses•Torres Vedras, Portugal Area:  380 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourMaterial Options:On one hand we opted for the use of traditional materials and coatings, as exemplified by the cementitious materials, plaster, timber and cork, and, on the other hand, we considered the reuse of railway sleepers within a distinct logic of its conventional use introducing some innovation and experimentation in the search for new possibilities of materials’ use.Thus we suggest new interpretations from the current and traditional construction, through design but also through material options.Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourVegetation: Elasticity and PlasticityDefine a grove of Quercus faginea subssp. broteroi (Portuguese oak), seeded the phytogeographic association where the plot is located. The dominant choice of native vegetation for the garden (trees, shrubs and herbaceous) takes advantage of site soil and climate characteristics, creating an ecological system integrated into the Landscape of the Region (Genius loci).Save this picture!Site PlanOn the North hillside, a Kermes oak shrubland, appear in a limestone substrate. Exposed to the wind, the Kermes oak shrubland have as main actors the Quercus coccifera and mastic (Pistacia lentiscus) that associates with various species such as: the Mediterranean buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus); the Flax-leaved Daphne (Daphne gnidium); the Sage-leaved Rock Rose (Cistus salvifolius); the Lusitanian gorse (Ulex densus); the Rough bindweed (Smilax aspera) and the Etruscan honeysuckle (Lonicera etrusca). On the sheltered South side, arises the Portuguese oak with arborescent shrubs like Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus); the single-seed Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna); the Laurel (Laurus nobilis) and herbaceous like Bear`s breeches (Acanthus mollis) and yellow irises (Iris pseudacorus).Save this picture!© Richard John SeymourProject gallerySee allShow lessGG Bioclimatic House / Alventosa Morell ArquitectesSelected ProjectsCasa E246 / Ezequiel Amado CattaneoSelected Projects Share Architects: Atelier Data Area Area of this architecture project Manufacturers: Focus+ 29 Share ArchDaily Year:  Photographscenter_img Photographs:  Richard John Seymour Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project “COPY” ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOrhttps://www.archdaily.com/511281/casa-varatojo-atelier-data Clipboard 2013 CopyAbout this officeAtelier DataOfficeFollowProductsWoodConcrete#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesTorres VedrasPortugalPublished on June 02, 2014Cite: “Casa Varatojo / Atelier Data” 02 Jun 2014. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Browse the CatalogMetal PanelsAurubisCopper Alloy: Nordic BrassCompositesMitrexPhotovoltaic Solar Cladding – BIPV CladdingPanels / Prefabricated AssembliesTechnowoodPanel Façade SystemArmchairsUniForArmchair – ParigiLouvers / ShuttersBruagShading Screens – Perforated Facade PanelsAluminium CompositesSculptformAluminium Façade BladesCultural / PatrimonialIsland Exterior FabricatorsSeptember 11th Memorial Museum Envelope SystemWire MeshJakobWebnet in a Gymnasium in GurmelsDoorsLinvisibileLinvisibile Pocket Door | MareaPaintKEIMMineral Paint for Concrete – KEIM Concretal®-WLouversReynaers AluminiumSolar ShadingHandlesFormaniFitting Collection – ARCMore products »Save世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my stream Houses Casa Varatojo / Atelier Data “COPY” Projectslast_img read more

U.S. military budget seen from Italy: More arms than ever

first_imgPublished Feb. 18 in Il Manifesto in Dinucci’s “Art of War” column, which examines Trump’s proposed military budget. Translation by John Catalinotto.The “Budget for the Future of America,” which the U.S. government submitted, shows what the Trump administration’s priorities are in the federal budget for fiscal year 2021 (which begins Oct. 1). First of all, it reduces social spending: For example, it cuts the required budget for the Department of Health and Human Services by 10 percent. Meanwhile, health authorities themselves report that influenza alone has caused about 10,000 deaths in the USA from October to February, out of a population of 330 million. This news is kept quiet by the big media, which instead are raising a global alarm over the 1,770 deaths due to the coronavirus in China, a country with 1.4 billion inhabitants. One must suspect the real purpose of the relentless media campaign, which sows terror on everything Chinese. To justify the U.S. Budget, its framers insist that the U.S. “faces challenges from resurgent rival nation states, including Russia and China.” [For all quotes about the budget, see tinyurl.com/qnfcuu6/.]They charge China with “waging cyber-enabled economic warfare against the United States and its allies” and of “wanting to shape the Indo-Pacific region,” which is critical to U.S. security and economic interests, “in its image.”In order for the region to be “independent of malign Chinese influence,” the U.S. government is providing “$30 million for the Global Engagement Center to counter Chinese propaganda and disinformation.” In the context of “growing strategic competition,” the U.S. government states: “The Budget prioritizes funding for programs that would deliver warfighting advantages against China and Russia” and all other adversaries. To this end, President Trump announced that, to ensure internal security and promote U.S. interests abroad, my Budget provides $740.5 billion for National Defense” (while it provides $94.5 billion for the DHHS). The military budget includes $69 billion for overseas war operations, more than $19 billion for 10 warships, $15 billion for 115 F-35 fighters and other aircraft, and $11 billion to strengthen land armaments. The Pentagon’s science and technology programs require $14 billion for the development of hypersonic and direct energy weapons, space systems and 5G networks. These are just a few items on a long shopping list (with public money), which includes all the most advanced weapons systems, with colossal profits for Lockheed Martin and other weapons industries. In addition to the Pentagon’s budget, a number of military expenditures are entered in the budgets of other departments. In fiscal year 2021, the Department of Energy will receive $27 billion to maintain and modernize the nuclear arsenal. The Department of Homeland Security will also receive $52 billion for its own secret service. The Department of Veterans Affairs will receive $243 billion (10 percent more than in 2020) for retired military personnel.Taking these and other items into account, U.S. military spending will exceed $1 trillion in fiscal 2021. The military expenditure of the United States exerts a driving effect on the military expenditures of other countries, which, however, remain at much lower levels. Even taking into account the Pentagon budget alone, U.S. military spending is 3 to 4 times higher than China’s and more than 10 times higher than Russia’s. In this way “The Budget supports U.S. military dominance in all warfighting domains — air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace,” says the White House, announcing that the United States will soon be able to produce 80 new nuclear warheads a year in two plants. The budget for the future of the U.S. may mean the end of the world.  FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Opposition journalist stabbed in broad daylight on Sanaa street

first_imgNews Reporters Without Borders voiced shock today at a physical attack on opposition journalist Nabil Sabaie, who was jostled and then stabbed in both shoulders by armed men in broad daylight on a main street of the capital, Sanaa, on 12 November.“This case is yet another reminder that it is still difficult for a journalist to work independently in Yemen,” the press freedom organisation said. “We urge the authorities to carry out a thorough investigation to identify and punish those responsible, pointing out that they have so far failed to follow up any of this year’s many attacks on journalists.”Reporters Without Borders has registered at least 10 press freedom violations in Yemen since the start of the year, including summonses for questioning, prison sentences and physical attacks on members of the press.The Yemeni journalists’ union also condemned the attack on Sabaie and voiced concern about press freedom violations in Yemen since the start of the year. Help by sharing this information News Organisation November 15, 2005 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Opposition journalist stabbed in broad daylight on Sanaa street RSF_en to go further February 11, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts January 6, 2021 Find out morecenter_img United Nations: press freedom situation “deeply worrying” in Yemen, according to RSF YemenMiddle East – North Africa February 26, 2021 Find out more Fixer for foreign reporters held in Aden for past five months Yemeni journalist killed, nine wounded in Aden airport explosions Follow the news on Yemen News News YemenMiddle East – North Africa last_img read more

Revenue Seizes more Cigarettes in Limerick

first_imgFuneral tribute for the Limerick Garda known as ‘Robocop’ Man arrested after buildings in Limerick city centre allegedly damaged by gunfire WhatsApp Twitter Previous article#New Video Fuerza Bruta Limerick LaunchNext articleDrink driving excuses were pathetic and shallow Guest Writerhttp://www.limerickpost.ie  In an intelligence-led operation in Limerick, officers from Revenue’s Customs Service, assisted by An Garda Síochána, seized 100,000 cigarettes with a retail value of €47,000 and a potential loss to the Exchequer of €37,000 at lunchtime today (21/01/14).The “Jing Ling” and “Golden Seagiies” cigarettes were discovered in unmarked brown boxes when a Ford Transit van was stopped on the Limerick/Tipperary border near Castleconnell.   The van was also seized.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The male driver, a non-Irish national in his 30s, was arrested and taken for questioning at Nenagh Garda Station.A file is being prepared for the DPP. NewsBreaking newsCrime & CourtRevenue Seizes more Cigarettes in LimerickBy Guest Writer – January 21, 2014 619 Gardaí investigating fatal road traffic collision Email Family home in Castleconnell #LimerickPostProperty center_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR New Garda operation to ensure public compliance with COVID-19 travel restrictions TAGSAn Garda SíochánacastleconnellcigarettesGolden SeagiiesJing LingNenagh Garda StationRevenue Print Advertisement Facebook Linkedin Gardaí do not suspect foul play after woman’s body discovered in houselast_img read more

#newmusic NUBUS – Memory Season EP

first_imgAdvertisement NewsBreaking news#newmusic NUBUS – Memory Season EPBy Eric Fitzgerald – June 19, 2014 730 <a href=”http://nubus.bandcamp.com/album/memory-season”>Memory Season by nubus</a>PADDY Mulcahy (aka Nubus) released his debut album in 2013, a fine collection of lush dreamscape electronica called ‘Enter Morning’. This new EP has been in the making for one year since that release. Paddy started the first track, ‘The Missing Xylophone’, shortly after releasing ‘Enter Morning’.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up It’s 15 minutes over four instrumental tracks that are performed, recorded and mixed by Paddy,  showing the musician/DJ growing in confidence. It boasts a broad musical palette from the oriental sun soaked ‘Missing Xylophone’ to the old school jungle coda of ‘Memory Season’.A limited edition run of CD’s are available at nubus.bandcamp.com and on the Nubus website. Facebook Twitter Print WhatsApp TAGSnubus Previous articleJustice spokesman appeals to judge for leniencyNext articleLimerick sun worshippers set to soak up summer solstice Eric Fitzgeraldhttp://www.limerickpost.ieEric writes for the Entertainment Pages of Limerick Post Newspaper and edits the music blog www.musiclimerick.com where you can watch and listen to music happening in the city and beyond. Linkedin Emaillast_img read more

‘Defence Of Fair Comment Ignored’: Prashant Bhushan Files Review Against Contempt Verdict [Read Petition]

first_imgTop Stories’Defence Of Fair Comment Ignored’: Prashant Bhushan Files Review Against Contempt Verdict [Read Petition] LIVELAW NEWS NETWORK14 Sep 2020 5:09 AMShare This – xAdvocate Prashant Bhushan has moved the Supreme Court seeking review of the contempt verdict passed against him by a Bench led by Justice Arun Mishra for his remarks over CJI and functioning of the Supreme Court. Filed through Advocate Kamini Jaiswal, the review petition states that the contempt proceedings against Mr. Bhushan should not have been heard by a bench comprising of…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginAdvocate Prashant Bhushan has moved the Supreme Court seeking review of the contempt verdict passed against him by a Bench led by Justice Arun Mishra for his remarks over CJI and functioning of the Supreme Court. Filed through Advocate Kamini Jaiswal, the review petition states that the contempt proceedings against Mr. Bhushan should not have been heard by a bench comprising of Justice Arun Mishra. Mr. Bhushan has cited various instances suggesting that Justice Mishra’s presence on the Bench raises a reasonable apprehension on his part of getting a “fair and impartial hearing”. One of such instances, as stated in the petition, reads thus: “On several occasions Hon’ble Justice Arun Mishra has orally accused the Review Petitioner of committing contempt of court when he had merely mentioned that it may be inappropriate for a particular judge to hear a particular case in circumstances where conflict of interest was involved.” Further, he has contended that the inherent power of the Supreme Court under Article 129 to punish for contempt of itself is not absolute. He has submitted that such power is subject to “due process requirements” that flow from the constitution and therefore, he has asserted that the procedure and punishment for contempt should be governed by the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971. “Regulation of the power under Article 129 through prescribing procedure, maximum punishment etc. does not amount to taking away or denuding the power but only keeping such power within the limits that flow inter-alia from due process requirements under Article 21 of the Constitution and from the principle of supremacy of the Constitution rather than supremacy of any entity that the Constitution establishes,” the plea states. Reliance is placed on Supreme Court Bar Assn. case (1998) 4 SCC 409, whereby it was held that no power of the Supreme Court is unlimited and even the power under Article 142 is only to ensure complete justice to the parties before it. Mr. Bhushan has also objected to passing of the conviction judgment without hearing the Attorney General of India. He has stated that there is a prohibition on taking suo motu notice directly on the judicial side, and the same require AG’s consent. In this context he submitted that the decision in P N Duda’s case (which was cited in the SC’s contempt verdict to justify initiation of suo moto proceedings) is not a settled position of law. “In respect of the maintainability of the petition and the procedure in case of suo motu petition on information received, Justice Ranganathan opinion did not concur with that of Justice Mukharji but was in fact partly dissenting. Thus, the aspects on the maintainability of the petition without the permission of Attorney General, and in particular the procedure to be followed in such cases, there was no concurrence between both the judges and thus those observations in the judgment of Justice Ranganathan do not form part of ratio of the judgment,” the plea avers.Today, Bhushan deposited before the SC Registry the toke fine of Rupee One imposed by the Court in the contempt caseThe contempt judgment has the effect of making criticism of the Supreme Court an offence and will have a “serious chilling effect” on any discussion relating to the Supreme Court : Bhushan’s review plea [email protected]— Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) September 14, 2020 Other grounds taken by Mr. Bhushan include: 1. Non-supply of complaint filed by Advocate Mahek Maheshwari Rule 6(2) of the 1975 Rules requires that “When action is instituted on petition, a copy of the petition along with the annexure and affidavits shall be served on the person charged”. However, in complete and direct violation of this rule, a copy of the petition of Mr. Maheswari that was the basis for initiating the Suo Motu proceedings was not supplied to the Review Petitioner. 2. Tweets in question were prima-facie not criminal contempt as per the decision in PN Duda Case “Two tweets of the Review Petitioner were completely innocuous and could not amount to criminal contempt. However, in the impugned judgment, there is no discussion on this aspect on which detailed submissions were made and this refusal to consider the statements in the tweet in light of the standards set by this Hon’ble Court itself (in PN Duda’s case).” 3. Truth as a defence Court has straightaway determined Mr. Bhushan’s tweets to be not in good faith, “without even attempting to examine” if the averments based on which he claimed to form his view, were true.”The impugned judgment errs on the face of its record in altogether ignoring the universally accepted defence of fair comment”- Bhushan’s review plea stated. 4. Standard of proof in criminal contempt is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ Standard of proof in a case of criminal contempt is the same as that in criminal law generally, i.e. beyond reasonable doubt. Thus, it has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt not just that the alleged statement was made by the alleged contemnor but those words/statement beyond reasonable doubt amount to criminal contempt. Mr. Bhushan has thus sough a declaration that a person convicted for criminal contempt by the Supreme Court, including Mr. Bhushan, would have a right to an “intra-court appeal” to be heard by a larger and different bench. Prashant Bhushan Moves SC Seeking ‘Right To Intra- Court Appeal’ Against ‘Original Criminal Contempt Orders’ Passed By It He has also sought framing of rules and guidelines providing for intra-court appeal against conviction in original criminal contempt cases.Click Here To Download Petition[Read Petition] Subscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more