Cairns real estate agent Joan Robb in top 3 sellers in Australia

first_imgREMAX agent Joan Robb, and principle of REMAX Tony Wiliamson. Joan was awarded the REMAX number 3 in Queensland and Australia for individual settled sales PICTURE: ANNA ROGERSAFTER just four years with the company, RE/MAX Cairns real estate sales associate Joan Robb has been listed among its top three sellers in the country.Owner Tony Williamson said the achievement was impressive with Cairns’ median house price much lower than that of capital cities. Ms Robb believes building trust and working hard were behind her successful career.“I am proud to be ranked so highly in a network that continues to be a leader in market share, agent productivity and international expansion,” she said.More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms2 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns2 days ago“I am also proud to see Cairns represented in the top ranks. This office has a truly great team, and we are part of a leading global network of more than 120,000 agents.Managing Director Michael Davoren agreed the acknowledgmentedgement was a “very positive message for Cairns, and a testament to the market to have a regional centre produce a top performer in the network”.“Joan is clearly a property specialist who excels in customer service, marketing, negotiation and other critical real estate skills.”Ms Robb joined RE/MAX in 2014 but has a real estate career spanning more than two decades.“Joan is a multi-award winner with RE/MAX, as she was with the other real estate names she’s been associated with,” Mr Williamson said.‘She’s a winner in the eyes of RE/MAX, and a winner in the eyes of her vendors and the buyers. “Joan’s market knowledge is phenomenal.”last_img read more

Child Youth and Family takes baby of child abuser into care

first_imgRadio NZ 2 Feb 2013The Ministry of Social Development says a decision to remove the baby of a woman involved in an horrific child abuse case was supported by the rest of her family.Audio Player00:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Women who are cheated on win in long term, while ‘other woman’ loses, say scientists

first_imgThe Telegraph 27 April 2016Family First Comment: No surprises in this study. “Women report that they are more attuned to cues of infidelity, dishonesty, and other ‘low mate value’ signals following having their mate ‘poached’ by another woman. Women also report that they are now more aware of their female friends and associates behaviour regarding their significant other.”Interested to know whether they studied what happens when the woman cheats on their husband. Or doesn’t that happen?!Women who lose their partner to a love-rival are better off in the long term, the biggest ever study of break-ups has found.Although being cheated on might initially seem devastating, in fact, it leaves the victim with a ‘higher mating intelligence’ which helps her to choose a more faithful partner in the future.In contrast, the ‘other woman’ ends up with a partner with a track record of being deceptive and a cheat, meaning that she is the long-term loser, according to psychologists.The study involved an anonymous online survey of 5,705 participants in 96 countries.The researchers from Binghamton University in the US and University College London looked at how happy men and women were before, during and after a breakup.The study showed that if a woman is cheated on, the lessons she learns can be ‘evolutionarily adaptive’ helping her select a much better mate.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Gas prices: ‘Most expensive February ever’

first_img 100 Views   no discussions NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Gas prices jumped 6 cents overnight, as the recent spike in oil prices begins to hit filling stations across America. The national average price for a gallon of regular gas rose 5.9 cents to $3.287, motorist group AAA said Friday. That marks the third day in a row that prices have risen, and brings the national average to the highest level since October 2008. Prices at the pump can vary widely among states, due in large part to vastly different levels of gasoline tax. So far this week, gas prices have increased nearly 12 cents a gallon. And analysts expect prices to continue higher in the next few days following a sharp rise in the price of crude oil. Gas prices were highest in Hawaii, where drivers paid $3.757 a gallon, on average. Wyoming had the lowest gas prices at roughly, $3.014 a gallon. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service, said the jump in gas prices reported Friday was the largest since at least 2008. “This will definitely be the most expensive February ever,” he said, adding that gas prices are typically lower during the winter months. The jump in pump prices follows a surge in prices for crude oil, the main ingredient in gasoline. Oil prices were holding near $98 a barrel early Friday morning, one day after prices hit a high of $103 a barrel — the highest since October 2008. Analysts expect prices to continue rising over the next few days, since gas prices typically lag trends in the oil market. The spike in oil this week could translate to an increase in gas prices of 37 cents per gallon in the coming weeks, according Moody’s Analytics economist Chris Lafakis. He estimates that for every $1 increase in the price of oil, retail gas prices typically rise 2.5 cents a gallon. Economists warn that an energy price shock could hurt the economic recovery in the United States. In general, every $1 increase in the price of oil costs consumers $1 billion over the course of a year. That’s concerning because consumer spending makes up the bulk of U.S. gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic growth. The government said Friday that GDP was revised lower to an annual growth rate of 2.8% in the three months ending in December. The initial reading had been for a 3.2% growth rate in the period. Oil prices have been driven higher by political unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, where much of the world’s oil comes from. Despite the surge in prices this week, the amount of oil that has been taken off the world market has been relatively minimal. Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share LifestyleMoney Gas prices: ‘Most expensive February ever’ by: – February 25, 2011 Tweetlast_img read more

The Kalinago Chief says poverty level in his community is still at a low

first_img Share LocalNews The Kalinago Chief says poverty level in his community is still at a low by: – May 23, 2011 Photo credit: dominica.dmKalinago Chief Garnet Joseph says though some attempts have been made to reduce the level of poverty in the Kalinago territory, there has been no sign of significant change.The country poverty assessment study showed last year that there has been a reduction in poverty in the territory.The Kalinago chief says he is hoping to see improvements in the lives of his people.“They said the last survey showed massive reduction in poverty but we have not been able to see this. Government has assisted in some areas like providing transportation for the Territory and this has had some positive impact because we save money,” he said.He said apart from that there is room for improvement.Dominica Vibes News Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share 43 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

NO BUSINESS PERMIT: City gov’t to auction P90-M PECO assets

first_imgThe ERC asked the Bureau of FireProtection (BFP) to provide a report on incidents of safety violation becauseof PECO’s electricity pole fires. These resulted to the nonrenewal ofPECO’s permit this year, said Treñas. ILOILO City – The city government willbe holding a public auction for P90-million worth of assets of Panay ElectricCo. (PECO) on Dec. 12. According to Mayor Jerry Treñas, this is the citygovernment’s legal step against the power distributor for refusing to pay longoverdue real property taxes. Aside from the ERC, Treñas also askedthe Presidential Complaint Center to conduct an investigation. Currently, a group from the ERC isinspecting dilapidated distribution lines of PECO and verify Treñas’complaint./PN The Iloilo City Fire Marshal and BFPreported that in three days alone from Oct. 19 to 21, seven PECO electricitypoles caught fire either due to exploding transformers or severed transmissionlines. These dangling electricity meters of Panay Electric Co. in Iloilo City are in danger of falling. Mayor Jerry Treñas says the safety of the people of Iloilo City is paramount. Norman Tabud, head of the BusinessPermits and Licensing Office, confirmed his office has yet to issue PECO abusiness license to operate for 2019. “Only electricity wires, eitherdamaged or overloaded, can cause fire, not telephone or cable televisionwires,” BFP told ERC during a recent hearing.   The unpaid real property taxes go backto two past city administrations, said Treñas. Multiple demands for paymentwere made but these went unheeded.center_img TREÑASENRAGED PECO is operating in the city only byvirtue of a CPCN. Its franchise expired on Jan. 19, 2019 yet. An average of 28 pole fires take placein Iloilo City every month, or almost 300 incidents every year, according tothe BFP. The safety and security of the peopleof Iloilo City and the damage to government property are not small matters, hestressed in an interview over DyFM Bombo Radyo Iloilo. “PECO applied for a business licensebut we deferred the issuance pending the recommendation from the CityTreasurer’s Office,” said Tabud. PECO is under investigation by theEnergy Regulatory Commission (ERC) following Treñas’ complaint over risingincidents of electricity pole files due to ageing and overloaded transformers. According to Treñas, he also gotenraged by the statement of Marcelo Cacho, administrative manager of PECO who shruggedoff incidents of post fires throughout the city. Under ERC Resolution No. 5, Series of2008, any power distribution utility granted a Certificate of PublicConvenience and Necessity (CPCN) to operate a distribution system in any areamust comply with standards set under the Philippine Distribution Code,especially those that concern public safety.last_img read more

DO YOU HAVE FEVER? nCoV alert: City hall clients to undergo temperature check

first_imgAs this was being written, it wasunclear when would the city government start purchasing non-contactthermometers. For the time being, the citygovernment has made available at city hall hand sanitizers and soaps in itswashing areas (restrooms). The Iloilo Airport services twointernational flights – Iloilo to Singapore and vice versa, and Iloilo to HongKong and vice versa. Areport on the early stages of the outbreak by the Lancet medical journal said mostpatients who died from the virus had pre-existing conditions. According to Treñas, the citygovernment is taking these steps in response to the call of the RegionalDevelopment Council and Regional Peace and Order Council in Western Visayasthat all local government units help detect people possibly infected with the2019-nCoV. The thermometers would be distributedto health centers, dedicated ambulances and at city hall. Cebu Pacific already halted its HongKong-Iloilo flight beginning Feb. 4. This would stretch up to March 29. To date, Iloilo City has two personsunder investigation (PUI) for 2019-nCoV with one – a three-year-old Chinesechild—already tested negative for the virus. Last week, Treñas said flights fromSingapore to Iloilo and vice versa must be temporarily halted, too, as aprecautionary measure against the spread of 2019-nCoV. In letters to threeairlines, he pointed out the “rising cases of the novel coronavirus globally.” Treñas is also set to issue amemorandum to all restaurants, hotels, department stores, and otherestablishments requesting them to provide hand sanitizers, washing areas andsoaps that can be used by their clients or costumers. PAL and Air Asia actually have noSingapore and Hong Kong flights from and to the Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan,Iloilo. Only Cebu Pacific has. The city government is getting moreproactive in its bid to keep the city free from the novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) which has so far killed 801 people in China, and one each in HongKong and the Philippines. The meeting will be at the SMXConvention Center in Pasay City. The main types of non-contactthermometers are non-contact infrared thermometers, tympanic thermometers, andthermal scanners. Both Hong Kong and Singapore havereported 2019-nCoV infections. Non-contact thermometers allow aperson’s temperature to be taken with minimal or no contact with the person.This means temperature can be measured without the discomfort of having to sitstill with a thermometer in the mouth, armpit, or rectum long enough to obtaina correct temperature reading. A fever is a temporary increase inbody temperature above its normal range (98.6 F or 37 C), often due to anillness. Having a fever is a sign that something out of the ordinary is goingon in the body. ILOILO City – The temperature of allpeople entering city hall would be checked. Mayor Jerry Treñas issued theorder. “Konmag ginutok to sila sa Kalibo kag may magmasakit, waay man na sila ibannga kadtuan kundi diri man gihapon sa aton. We are concerned. Ginaproteksyunan ta ang aton pumoluyodasun sige ila pa pasulod,” Treñas lamented./PN Handheld thermal scanners can be usedto take a person’s temperature from a greater distance than other non-contactthermometers, which may make them a good candidate for use in mass screeningsituations. Non-contact infrared thermometers areheld three to 15 cm away from the patient and typically measure temperature onthe forehead or temple. Treñas also expressed concern over thecontinued entry of international flights at the Kalibo International Airport,although those from China have been temporarily stopped. The lack of contact also means thedisinfection process between patients for the thermometers is minimal orunnecessary, allowing for easier and faster use when screening large numbers ofpeople. However, the airline is maintainingits Singapore to Iloilo flights and vice versa, according to Iloilo Airportterminal supervisor Arthur Parreño. Theinfection seems to start with a fever, followed by a dry cough and then, aftera week, leads to shortness of breath. But in more severe cases, infection cancause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and evendeath. Tympanic thermometers measure thethermal radiation from the tympanic membrane and within the ear canal. Treñas wrote letters to Cebu PacificAir, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia that they “voluntarily cease yourinternational flights to and from countries positive with the 2019 novelcoronavirus immediately.” Treñas did not say when thetemperature checks would start. Friday last week he announced that the citygovernment would be purchasing 78 non-contact thermometers as part of theprecautionary measures against the 2019-nCov. Today, Treñas is attending a meetingof all the country’s mayors and governors that President Rodrigo Dutertecalled. last_img read more

IU Health Slashing 900 Jobs From Workforce

first_imgIndiana University Health is upping the number of people it plans to layoff.Officials said in September they would eliminate 800 positions from six hospitals, but announced Tuesday it would be more than 900.IU Health said in September, it plans on reducing the number of employees at the following locations:IU Health Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis)IU Health University Hospital (Indianapolis)Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health (Indianapolis)IU Health North Hospital (Carmel)IU Health Saxony Hospital (Fishers)IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital (Muncie)Affected employees are being notified this week.last_img

Dismal weather conditions stop Dodge City again

first_imgBy Lonnie WheatleyDODGE CITY, Kan. (April 6) – For the second weekend in a row, unfavorable weather conditions have forced the postponement of the season opening event atop the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park clay oval in southwest Kansas.Expected record low temperatures and a wintry mix on Friday night and then “Real-Feel” temperatures approaching single digits on Saturday night have forced the cancellation of Saturday night’s card that was to include a full slate of DCRP Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA SportMods, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars and IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks.The state-of-the-art facility will now kick off the season on Saturday night, April 21, with the sixth annual Modified Stampede.  Woodward, Oklahoma’s Cole Traugott raced to his second consecutive Modified Stampede victory last season with other past winners including David Murray Jr. and Brendon Gemmill.The April 21 event featuring the IMCA Modifieds will also include the Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars, IMCA SportMods, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks, with racing going green at 7:30 p.m.last_img read more

Marshalltown first on Friday for Ballard

first_imgKenzie Ritter, fresh off of her recent first career win on a trip to South Dakota was looking strong in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature, taking the lead on lap two.  Dallon Murty was quickly up to challenge her for the lead however, and at the halfway mark of the 18-lapper, Murty took com­mand. Nathan Ballard motored to his Marshalltown Speedway-first IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock feature win on Friday night. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography) MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (July 31) – Nathan Ballard raced to his first-ever Marshalltown Speed­way feature win, taking the Friday night IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock checkers. Ballard started on the outside front row and led all 15 laps on his way to victory.  Jacob Floyd chased Ballard the entire distance but trailed a distant second.  Braden Richards finished third, fourth went to 11th place starter Solomon Bennett and Tyler Ollendieck was fifth. By Joyce Eisele Tom Berry Jr. posted another dominant win in the IMCA Modified feature as he won the 20-lap main event from the eighth starting spot. Berry had the lead at lap three and then drove away from the field.center_img The IMCA Sunoco Late Models went 20-laps for their feature.  Bobby Hansen held the top spot through the first portion of the race until Curtis Glover snatched it away for good on lap seven.  Luke Pestka finished in second over Darrel DeFrance. Friday, Aug. 7, is Shawn’s Hay Grinding Night at the Races with season championship for the Late Models. All other classes will be in competition as well.  The green flag drops at 7:30 p.m. He would then hold that top spot the remainder of the way to the checkers and the win. Damon Murty would follow his son across the finish line in second after a late race pass of Ritter. Johnathon Logue went home with the victory in the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod 18-lap con­test.  Logue started 10th and took command on lap five.  Kyle Olson came from eighth to finish as the runner-up.  Garrett Nelson started 11th and finished third.last_img read more