Court grants bail to CM Dy CM in criminal defamation case

first_imgNEW DELHI: A Delhi court on Tuesday granted bail to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia in a criminal defamation complaint filed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vijender Gupta. Gupta had accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders of “maligning” his image by accusing him of attempting to kill the Delhi chief minister. Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal granted relief on a personal bond of Rs 10,000 and one surety of like amount. Vijender Gupta has claimed in the complaint that due to widespread circulation of tweets and news reports on the statement of the two AAP leaders, his reputation was harmed.last_img

Infinix Mobile to launch HOT 8 in India on Sep 4

first_imgNew Delhi: Hong Kong-based Transsion Holdings is set to launch a disruptive affordable smartphone under its brand Infinix Mobile for less than Rs 8,000 in India on September 4. Industry sources told IANS on Wednesday that the new device, named “HOT 8”, may sport a triple rear camera system with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The new smartphone is the third launch in the popular “HOT” series. Taking cue from the leaked images, HOT 8 appears promising in the affordable price segment with cutting-edge features. The brand has witnessed many successful devices like Smart 3 plus, S4, HOT7 and HOT7 PRO. Infinix Mobile is present in 36 countries, including emerging markets like Latin America, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, South and South-East Asia. It was recently listed among the top 30 most admired brands in Africa by the British magazine “African Business”.last_img read more

Did a Canadian shoot down the Red Baron A century later the

first_imgCapt. Roy Brown had ordered the young airman not to engage the enemy, but Lt. Wilfrid “Wop” May — a school chum from Edmonton — couldn’t help himself.It was April 21, 1918 — a century ago this Saturday — and the two Canadians in their canvas-covered Sopwith Camel biplanes were about to match wits with the deadliest ace of the First World War, Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron.As the engines of primitive German and British warplanes snarled in the skies over the Somme River in northern France, May joined the fight, only to have his guns jam as Richthofen’s all-red Fokker triplane closed in from behind for what would have been his 81st kill.“Brown saw that his buddy was in trouble,” says Don Brodeur, Brown’s grandson and a retired Royal Canadian Air Force pilot with more than 6,000 hours of flight time in fighter jets.“Richthofen broke some of his own cardinal rules … He followed May for too long, which is why Brown got on top of him.”As May flew fast and low over the French countryside, skimming over the scars left by trenches and bomb craters, Brown pitched his plane into a dive and aimed his machine-guns at Richthofen, firing bursts at long range.“(Brown) wound that Camel up to 190 miles an hour, which was no mean feat,” says David Bashow, editor of the Canadian Military Journal and a retired lieutenant-colonel who served 36 years with the RCAF.“That aircraft was particularly unstable at high speeds.”What happened next has long been the subject of an intense debate, even as the world marks the 100th anniversary of the storied dogfight.May escaped as Richthofen broke off to the right to avoid Brown’s blasts and rising terrain, but that manoeuvre brought him within range of Australian Corps machine-guns on the ground.Soon after Brown fired on the scarlet fighter aircraft, Richthofen crashed in a sugar-beet field, where he died from a gunshot wound to the chest. He was 25.The Royal Air Force credited the 24-year-old Canadian, originally from Carleton Place, Ont., with the combat victory — his 10th.However, the results from autopsies performed on Richthofen’s body raised questions about who fired the fatal shot.Over the years, some historians and forensics experts have suggested the orientation of Richthofen’s wounds indicated the .303-calibre bullet must have been fired from the ground and not from Brown’s guns, which fired the same type of ammunition.“Over time, the Australians made a very compelling case for one of their troops on the ground,” says Bashow, an associate professor at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ont., and a former fighter pilot who logged 2,400 hours in the supersonic CF-104 Starfighter.“(Brown’s) flight-path geometry just does not work.”However, Brown’s grandson disagrees, saying the more plausible explanation is that Brown fired a lucky shot.“There is only one record,” Brodeur said in an interview from his home in Victoria. “Both Canada and the U.K. attribute the shooting down of the Red Baron to Capt. A. Roy Brown. That’s a fact to this day.”As well, Brodeur says his interpretation of what happened — as seen through the eyes of an experienced fighter pilot — has led him to conclude Richthofen’s aircraft would have been practically inverted for the Australian theory to make sense.“In movies, you see aircraft rolling in a dogfight, but it’s a waste of time,” says Brodeur, who flew several types of jet fighters and was a member of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds aerobatic squadron.“It looks good in Hollywood films, but it’s not something you do in an air-to-air fight.”Rob Probert, president of the Roy Brown Historical Society in Carleton Place, says there was nothing to be learned by examining Richthofen’s downed plane because it had been damaged by artillery shells and quickly stripped by souvenir hunters.“Brown was officially credited with the kill, and 100 years later that still stands,” Probert says.“The problem here in Canada is that there hasn’t been a group championing Roy Brown’s story, until our group came along. We’re just trying to make sure the story doesn’t get lost over time … It’s part of the Canadian psyche not to brag about our heroes.”Appropriately, the society will gather Saturday in Carleton Place, to fete the man they say brought down the Red Baron.Regardless of who fired the fatal shot, one thing is for certain: Were it not for Brown’s superior skills as a pilot and leader, one of the most celebrated aerial battles of the war would never have happened.“I think he was a hero for sure — he never lost a man under his command,” says Probert, who is part of a local effort to have a statue of Brown installed across from town hall in Carleton Place.“It can’t be refuted that Brown caused this battle to happen.”After the dogfight, Brown went to a nearby aircraft hangar to see Richthofen’s body.“His face, particularly peaceful, had an expression of gentleness and goodness, of refinement,” Brown later wrote.“Suddenly I felt miserable, desperately unhappy, as if I had committed an injustice. With a feeling of shame, a kind of anger against myself … I could no longer look him in the face. I went away. I did not feel like a victor … If he had been my dearest friend, I could not have felt greater sorrow.”Brown, who was in poor health and complained of being on the verge of a nervous breakdown, was later transferred to a flight training unit. He was badly injured in a crash on July 5, 1918, when his engine quit soon after takeoff.Unlike Richthofen, whose martyrdom continues to be commemorated in books, movies and, of course, the perennial Peanuts cartoon, Brown’s legacy is largely muted in Canada.“He didn’t really speak about his exploits,” says Tim Cook, First World War historian at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.“We don’t have a whole lot of military heroes from the past who still resonate today. It has something to do with our national character. It has something to do with how we view war and peace. And, perhaps, there’s the sense that Canadians are not always the best at backslapping and elevating their heroes.”Brown moved to Stouffville, Ont., after the war. He died of a heart attack in 1944 at the age of 50.He is buried in Toronto, but his grave remained unmarked until a few years ago.last_img read more

Transat AT beats Q4 profit expectations moving ahead with hotel plans

first_imgThe Canadian Press Companies in this story: (TSX:TRZ) MONTREAL — Transat A.T. Inc. says it earned $7.8 million in its latest quarter, down from a year ago when its results were boosted by the sale of its interest in Ocean Hotels.The Montreal-based travel company says its fourth-quarter profit amounted to 21 cents per share for the quarter ended Oct. 31, compared with a profit of $148.1 million or $$3.97 per share a year ago.On an adjusted basis, Transat says it earned 45 cents per share in its most recent quarter, compared with an adjusted profit of $1.24 per share in the same quarter last year.Analysts on average had expected a profit of 41 cents per share, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.Revenue totalled $668.3 million, down from $698.6 million.Transat says the results came as the company completed the acquisition of its first parcel of land in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, as part the development of its hotel division.last_img read more

Top 20 Global Concert Tours from Pollstar

The Top 20 Global Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows Worldwide. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers. Week of January 30, 2019:TOP 20 GLOBAL CONCERT TOURS1. Taylor Swift; $7,732,340; $123.46.2. U2; $4,753,471; $135.83.3. Ed Sheeran; $4,506,091; $92.55.4. Drake; $4,041,588; $116.88.5. Bruno Mars; $3,627,965; $145.63.6. Eagles; $3,394,372; $180.26.7. Roger Waters; $3,237,377; $72.42.8. Billy Joel; $2,752,443; $123.77.9. Elton John; $2,721,702; $130.66.10. Metallica; $2,224,842; $129.36.11. “Springsteen On Broadway”; $2,149,554; $509.02.12. Phil Collins; $2,092,876; $150.65.13. Justin Timberlake; $2,090,877; $129.16.14. Journey / Def Leppard; $1,870,896; $98.79.15. Fleetwood Mac; $1,850,333; $132.67.16. Luis Miguel; $1,826,884; $94.44.17. Sam Smith; $1,617,591; $110.08.18. Maroon 5; $1,577,446; $105.48.19. Luke Bryan; $1,458,104; $79.67.20. Jeff Lynne’s ELO; $1,443,766; $108.90.For free upcoming tour information, go to www.pollstar.com___The Associated Press read more

Woman identified in No Frills child assault case

UPDATE: Halton police have identified the woman responsible for the assault at the No Frills grocery store in Oakville.According to a news release, she is a 77-year-old woman with diminished capabilities. She has been cautioned for the incident that took place yesterday.A woman was shopping with her four children at the No Frills grocery store on Cross Ave. when the suspect slapped her eight-year-old daughter. The mother confronted the woman who promptly took off on foot.Police would like to thank the public and media with their assistance in identifying the woman.

Time to tweak Tresselball

Expectations run high at Ohio State. Just ask Jim Tressel. The Ohio State football coach, under unprecedented scrutiny after another big-game letdown, is feeling the heat for the first time during his nine-year tenure in Columbus.“You felt like it’s been a nine-year honeymoon?” Tressel asked a reporter. “You must not have liked your honeymoon.”The Buckeyes have lost their past six games against opponents ranked among the nation’s top five. If the Buckeyes are to match the lofty expectations set forth by years of tradition, then the days of being the big boys’ punching bag must end.A key to anything in life is adjusting to external forces, or, in football, one’s opponent. Coaches make changes in personnel and scheme at halftime. These modifications may or may not work. When they don’t pan out for a period of three years — Ohio State last knocked off a top-five adversary in 2006 — more grand-scale fine-tuning must take place.The unrest in Buckeye nation comes from the lack of adjustments from Tressel and his staff. Football is undergoing a temporary face lift, especially on the college level. All sports endure periods of varied gameplay, from the recent home run era in baseball to the early days of basketball when centers dominated the ball.Now, the name of the game in college football is speed and athleticism. Spread offenses, popping up around the nation like unwelcome groundhogs, are forcing defenses to get smaller and quicker. Athletic, versatile quarterbacks are the latest fad.OSU has its multi-faceted signal caller in Terrelle Pryor, the No. 1 high school recruit in 2008. But instead of making adjustments to accommodate the 6-foot-6, 235-pound quarterback, Tressel has squeezed the rare breed into his vanilla, run-based offense. The results haven’t pleased many; Pryor has seldom demonstrated the ability to excel in the Bucks’ offensive system, one Tressel refuses to alter. Rich Rodriguez instituted the spread offense last year at Michigan with players unsuited for the new scheme. A 3-9 record ensued. Now, with athletes at his disposal recruited specifically for the spread approach, the Wolverines are off to a 3-0 start.Recently, Tressel has targeted more players blessed with unparalleled speed to match the likes of Florida, USC or Texas. However, it’s the Buckeyes same old plan of attack that has prevented the program from reaching new heights.The Gators stymied the heavily-favored Buckeyes in ’07 with their athletic defense, limiting Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith to four completions for 35 yards. OSU couldn’t contain LSU’s plethora of speedy receivers the following year. The Trojan defense held OSU to fewer than 275 yards in each USC victory. And the Longhorns’ spread passing attack broke the hearts of Buckeye backers everywhere, as Colt McCoy threw for 414 yards.To catch up to the rest of the college football world, Tressel and Co. must implement changes on both sides of the ball. They must design an approach that suits the strengths of the athletes they have collected. Pryor is probably best equipped for a spread attack, which would give him space to operate with both his developing throwing arm and his nimble feet. He needs the instruction to focus on scoring touchdowns, not controlling field position.If Ohio State is to be recognized among the nation’s college football titans, the Buckeyes must prove they can beat bona fide competition. That signature victory has eluded the program for several years now. Tresselball needs a change to keep up with the rest of the best. read more

BBE commissions innovative ice thermal storage scheme at Moab Khotsong gold mine

first_imgBBE – the first South African company to introduce the ice storage concept to the local mining industry – has commissioned an innovative facility at a refrigeration plant at AngloGold Ashanti’s Moab Khotsong Mine near Klerksdorp, which provides cooling for chilled service water and air cooling for the mine. The refrigeration machine for the ice maker operates outside of peak tariff periods, when the availability of electricity is more reliable and electricity is cheaper and particularly at night when the outside temperature is lower and the refrigeration machines operate more efficiently. Ice is formed on the outside of submerged coils in an existing surface water dam and stored until required. In peak tariff periods, all the refrigeration machines (providing some 40 MWR of cooling) can be turned off and cooling is then provided by melting ice in the dam. Overall, in a 24-hour cycle, the ice thermal storage system uses less power than a conventional water cooling system and the system operates outside of Eskom peak tariff periods.This turnkey project, awarded to BBE in 2008, included engineering design, procurement, construction, management and commissioning. It is the second installation of its kind for AngloGold Ashanti – the first being an 800 t ice mass thermal storage system at Mponeng Mine near Carletonville. The Moab Khotsong installation is a third generation design where the ice is formed directly on refrigerant carrying coils.Ice thermal storage schemes are an ideal response to the critical need for power and energy management in the arena of mine ventilation, refrigeration and cooling systems. These schemes have become an integral part of BBE’s expertise and competency. BBE is a registered ESCO (Energy Services Company) with the South African national power supply company, Eskom. This is a recognition of BBE’s technical competency and an acknowledgement of the company’s work in the field of energy saving and load-shift management for mine cooling and ventilation systems. Being an ESCO, BBE is able to initiate these projects in conjunction with an enthusiastic mine who provides a letter of intent with which BBE can then apply to Eskom for funding through the DSM (demand side management) programme. BBE guarantees the performance of the system, while the mine contracts to operate the system as required.BBE has carried out many other types of energy efficiency projects, making optimum use of energy recovery devices such as turbines, hydro-displacement devices, hydro-power, as well as designing control systems for the active ongoing control of ventilation and cooling equipment components. The company is very proud of its innovative ice thermal storage systems, which have resulted in significant capital operating cost savings in a variety of mines.last_img read more

ADG Global Supply spreads its mining services wings in Europe and Africa

first_imgMining services company ADG Global Supply (ASX: ADQ) has established a new London based office and distribution facilities in London and Antwerp as a part of an expansion into Europe. ADG says its “increased presence in Europe will allow the company to better service exploration and mining clients operating across Africa. ADG is a Western Australian companty which currently has clients operating in 13 countries throughout East, West and Central Africa.  In FY 2011, ADG doubled its revenue from its industrial products, global procurement, supply chain and project logistics services into Africa to A$21 million. ADG Managing Director, John Mancini said a Europe office with distribution and logistics capabilities was an important strategic expansion for the company. “Customer activity in the region is growing.  About half of ADG’s top 20 clients by revenue are involved in exploration or mining activities in Africa,” Mancini said. “And with around 13% of the total global exploration spend happening in Africa and approximately 1,400 mine and exploration projects – a quarter of which are owned by Australian companies –  we expect to see continued solid demand for ADG’s expertise.The Europe presence will allow ADG to offer consolidated supply of goods from a growing supplier base, with improved logistics into Africa.  It will also provide time zone benefits, with clients based in Africa able to deal directly with offices based in Perth or London depending on their requirements and deadlines.With this improved capability we are now well-positioned to meet the growing demand from existing and new clients operating in Africa and in turn grow our sales,” Mancini said.ADG works with clients in the exploration, mining and energy markets through its ‘single contact- global reach’ model.last_img read more

Variant Covers to Grab This Week 71818

Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and honestly that’s a really good policy usually. But when comics have gorgeous covers it’s hard not to imagine the wonderful story that lies within a colorful and well-executed front. Variant covers are a long-standing and killer tradition of the industry. It’s a great way to feature new artists and give collectors something to clamor about, and let’s be real, fork over the dough for.Here are some of Geek’s favorite variant covers coming out on 7/18/18Tony Stark Iron Man #2 (Cover B)Variant Artist: Mark Brooks – @MarkBrooksArtPublisher: MarvelWriter/Artist: Dan Slott/Valerio SchitiStar Wars Darth Vader Annual #2 (Cover B)Variant Artist: Rahzzah – @RahzzahPublisher: MarvelWriter/Artist: Chuck Wendig/Leonard KirkLife of Captain Marvel #1 (of 5) (Cover D)Variant Artist: Fiona Staples – @FionaStaplesPublisher: MarvelWriter/Artist: Margaret Stohl/Carlos PachecoInjustice vs The Masters Of the Universe #1 (of 6) (Cover B)Variant Artist: Tim Seeley – @HackinTimSeeleyPublisher: DCWriter/Artist: Tim Seeley/Freddie Williams IIBatwoman #17 (Cover B)Variant Artist: Michael Cho – @Michael_ChoPublisher: DCWriter/Artist: Marguerite Bennett/Fernando BlancoMighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 (Cover B)Variant Artist: Jordan Gibson – @gibsoncomicsPublisher: BOOM! StudiosWriter/Artist: Kyle Higgins/Daniele NicuoloAdventure Time Comics #25 (Cover C)Variant Artist: Britney Liu – @britneyscribblesPublisher: BOOM! StudiosWriter/Artist: Sonny Liew/Morgan BeemJughead the Hunger #7 (Cover B)Variant Artist: Tyler Boss – @BoyCartoonistPublisher: ArchieWriter/Artist: Frank Tieri/Pat KennedyArchie Meets Batman 66 #1 (Cover C)Variant Artist: Francesco Francavilla – @f_francavillaPublisher: ArchieWriter/Artist: Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci/Dan Parent, J. BoneWeatherman #2 (Cover C)Variant Artist: Nathan Fox – @nathanfoxyPublisher: ImageWriter/Artist: Jody LeHeup/Nathan Fox Stay on target read more

Update Kevino Smith Investigation Females arrested

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, February 6, 2017 – As part of continued investigation into the disappearance and subsequent death of Kevino Smith, today (Monday 6th February 2017), three females aged 19, 28 and 53 residents of Grand Turk have been re-arrested on suspicion of attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice. They remain in custody while the investigations are on ongoing.On Friday 6th March 2015, Kevino Smith was reported missing by his parents. Following the report, a police investigation was launched. As a result of extensive searches by the police and members of the community, his body was later found in the Breezy Brae area on Thursday 16th April 2015.Anyone with information surrounding Kevino Smith’s murder, or any information relevant to this investigation is asked to call the Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force at 911 or 941-4448 extension 81843 or 81837 or use the untraceable, anonymous Crime Stoppers Miami number at 1-800(TIPS) or 1-800-8477. No names or numbers are requested, and only the information provided is passed on to the Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force.Press Release: RTCIPF#MagneticMediaNews Recommended for you ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#magneticmedianews Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provolast_img read more

Chinese Retaliation is No Longer a What If for Soybean Farmers

first_imgFollowing China’s announcement of a proposed 25 percent tariff on imported U.S. soybeans, the American Soybean Association (ASA) is again expressing its extreme frustration about the escalation of a trade war with the largest customer of U.S. soybeans, and calling on the White House to reconsider the tariffs that led to this retaliation. China purchases 61 percent of total U.S. soybean exports, and more than 30 percent of overall U.S. soybean production. ASA President and Iowa farmer John Heisdorffer issued the following statement:“It should surprise no one that China immediately retaliated against our most important exports, including soybeans. We have been warning the administration and members of Congress that this would happen since the prospect for tariffs was raised. That unfortunately doesn’t lend any comfort to the hundreds of thousands of soybean farmers who will be affected by these tariffs. This is no longer a hypothetical, and a 25 percent tariff on U.S. soybeans into China will have a devastating effect on every soybean farmer in America.“Soybean futures are already down nearly 40 cents a bushel as of this morning. At a projected 2018 crop of 4.3 billion bushels, soybean farmers lost $1.72 billion in value for our crop this morning alone. That’s real money lost for farmers, and it is entirely preventable.“We regret that the administration has been unable to counter China’s policies on intellectual property and information technology in a way that does not require the use of tariffs. We still have not heard a response from the administration to our March 12 letter requesting to meet with President Trump and discuss how the administration can work with soybean farmers and others in agriculture to find ways to reduce our trade deficit by increasing competitiveness rather than erecting barriers to foreign markets.“But there is still time to reverse this damage, and the administration can still deliver for farmers by withdrawing the tariffs that caused this retaliation. China has said that its 25 percent tariff will only go into effect based on the course of action the administration takes. We call on President Trump to engage the Chinese in a constructive manner—not a punitive one—and achieve a positive result for soybean farmers.”last_img read more

Beyonce Created A Space To Celebrate Black Culture At Coachella More Things

first_imgWith her new Netflix doc, Queen Bey invites us to relive the moment she made history as the first African-American female headliner at Coachella 2018Jennifer VelezGRAMMYs Apr 18, 2019 – 1:22 pm By now, Beyoncé’s historic performance at Coachella 2018 is engraved in our cultural music festival memory. If we weren’t there either weekend in person, we watched the live-stream or heard about it through our friends or social media. We saw images of the icon paying tribute to black royalty (Nefertiti) and give a shout-out to black fraternities and sororities through her costumes. We heard about the Destiny’s Child reunion. But now, the Queen Bey is giving the world the opportunity to witness the moment in which she made history as the first African-American female headliner at the two-weekend festival—and for those that were there, giving us the chance to re-live it and get goosebumps all over again. The performances that took place the weekends of April 13 and 22, 2018 were meaningful both professionally and personally for the GRAMMY-winning artist. The headlining set was the icon’s first performance since giving birth to her twins. (She was supposed to play Coachella in 2017, but doctor’s told her to “keep a less rigorous schedule” during what was left of her pregnancy.) News Facebook Email Beyonce Created A Space To Celebrate Black Culture At Coachella & More Things ‘Homecoming’ Taught Us So Coachella 2018 became the stage for her long-awaited come comeback and she made sure to bring her whole culture with her and go above her work ethic for the welcoming. The Netflix documentary titled Homecoming, released Wed. April 17, takes everyone behind the scenes of exactly what it took to execute such a huge performance (roughly over 200 people were on stage during the set.)  The documentary seamlessly switches between weekend one and weekend two performances (we can’t forget that she did it twice) and was released with a suprise album of the live show with the same name. Here are some things Beyoncé taught us during her epic Coachella performance. She Made A Space To Celebrate Black Culture At The Festival”When I decided to do Coachella, instead of me pulling out my flower crown, it was more important that I brought our culture to Coachella,” Beyoncé narrates during the roughly two-hour documentary.And she did. From Nefertiti, Black Panther and Historic Black Colleges And Universities (HBCU) sorority and fraternity inspired costumes to her performance of “Lift Every Voice And Sing, (known as the black national anthem) to dance moves inspired by black and African culture, the singer put out a show that highlighted many parts of what it means to be black in the U.S. Homecoming shows us how much she is personally inspired by her history. She reveals her dream of attending an HBCU and that she would go to the battle of the bands, where bands from HBCUs battle it out, when she was younger. Throughout the documentary, quotes and voices belonging to historic black figures, including W.E.B Du Bois, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Nina Simone and more. Her homecoming performance embodied her history and what she saw growing up and every part represented a piece of her experience. It Highlighted The 22 Years Of Her CareerBeyoncé’s homecoming desert performance also became a celebration of her 22-year career. Her performance with Destiny Child’s took her fans back to her roots with songs like “Lose My Breath”, while performances of “Diva,” “Crazy In Love,” “Drunk In Love” and “Formation” took them through all the stages of her career, giving them new life with the help of her marching band. Paired with choreography that was as emotionally captivating as historically meaningful—the stepping alone was so powerful—the 23-time GRAMMY winner’s documentary cemented the reason the 2018 festival was dubbed Beychella. She Is Inspired By The Next Generation Of Music Makers And Artists While we are constantly in awe of her, Beyoncé is in awe of the talent that helped bring her comeback to life: the band, steppers, marching bands, dancers. “I wanted a black orchestra, I wanted the steppers, I needed the vocalists, and the amount of swag was just limitless,” she says in the doc. “Like the things these young people can do with their bodies and the music they can play and the drumrolls and the haircuts and their bodies and the…it’s just not right. It’s just so much damn swag.”She Is A Perfectionist/Disciplined With A VisionThe documentary revealed the months of rehearsing and planning to put the festival together. There was a four-month period of rehearsals with the band, before four-month dance rehearsals began. There were several meetings with Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, who helped bring her vision to life, before he flew to Los Angeles to meet her. For the performance, Beyoncé oversaw everything and personally picked every dancer, the height of the pyramid on stage, “every tiny detail had an intention.” “I respect things that take work. I respect things that are built from the ground up,” she said.REALTED: Millennials Battle With Grabbing The “Instagram Moment” And Being Present At ConcertsShe wanted everyone to feel the moment and it had to be perfect.It’s Not Easy Being Beyoncé, But She Slays RegardlessThe documentary also took us into how she is juggling motherhood, reveals how complicated her pregnancy was and the sacrifices she had to make in order for the Coachella performance to happen.At the end of it all, her goal was to make people feel seen: “I wanted every person who has ever been dismissed because of the way they look to feel like they were on that stage. Killing ’em. Killing ’em.”Amanda Davis Is Getting More Women Of Color Behind The Mixing BoardRead more Twitter Beyonce Makes Space For Blackness In ‘Homecoming’ beyonce-created-space-celebrate-black-culture-coachella-more-things-homecoming-taughtlast_img read more

Mahindra share rebounds a day after SC ban on sale of diesel

first_imgSUV maker Mahindra gained on the BSE on a buoyant Thursday after losing almost 5% the previous day reacting to the Supreme Court order banning sale of diesel cars in Delhi from 1 January to 31 March, 2016.The stock closed at Rs 1,246.90, up 2.30% on Thursday, after touching an intra-day low of Rs 1,193 and high of Rs 1,253. The counter saw hectic trading, with 5.18 lakh shares changing hands as against the two-week average of 74,000 shares.On the NSE, the stock closed at Rs 1,250, a gain of Rs 31.95, or 2.62%, with 24 lakh shares traded on the exchange.After the Supreme Court ban, the company in a conference call, said that there will be a 2% impact on its monthly sales as a result of the ban, besides an adverse impact of Rs 100 crore on the inventory lying with dealers in the NCR region.The company’s diesel SUVs include Bolero, Scorpio, XUV500 and SsangYong Rexton.The company added that the expected revenue loss will be compensated by launching new products, apart from vehicles recently launched.The SC bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur had also directed all taxis in both Delhi and NCR to convert to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) before March 2016.The Mahindra stock apparently benefited from the bullish mood prevaling in the stock markets a day after the US Federal Reserve announced a 25 basis point hike in interest rate on Wednesday.Both the S&P BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty opened higher on Thursday and closed the day on a positive note. The Sensex closed at 25,803.78, a gain of 309.41 points, or 1.21%, while the Nifty ended at 7,844.35, up 93 points, or 1.21%.The advance-decline ratio was skewed in favour of 41 advances on the NSE, while 25 scrips gained on the BSE.The biggest gainers on the BSE were Tata Steel (4.76%), Vedanta (3.75%), Hindalco (3.44%), Reliance (3.10%) and Bajaj Auto (2.96%).ONGC, Axis Bank, GAIL (India), Lupin and Coal India were losers on the BSE.TCS, Infosys and Wipro did not react to the proposed US Congress legislation to levy special fee on H-1B and L-1 visas, with all the three companies gaining modestly on the NSE.The US Congress had proposed a fee of $4,000 on certain categories of H-1B visas and $4,500 on L-1 visas to fund a $1.1 trillion spending package, which will be put to vote in the US House of Representatives on Friday.last_img read more

Ethiopian PM escapes grenade attack

first_imgEthiopians react after an explosion during a rally in support of the new prime minister Abiy Ahmed in Addis Ababa on 23 June 23. Photo: ReutersEthiopia’s new prime minister Abiy Ahmed escaped a grenade attack on Saturday at a rally in the capital that killed one person and left scores wounded, officials and witnesses said.The attack was launched by an unidentified assailant moments after 41-year-old prime minister, a former soldier who took office in April, finished his speech to tens of thousands of people gathered in the centre of Addis Ababa.A witness saw Abiy whisked away by guards. Another witness told Reuters the assailant with the grenade had been wrestled to the ground by police before it exploded.Health minister Amir Aman said one person was killed and 154 were wounded, with 10 of them in critical condition.Addressing the nation on television shortly after the blast and still wearing a green t-shirt he was handed at the rally, Abiy said the attack was an “attempt by forces who do not want to see Ethiopia united.”Abiy had promised the crowd in his speech in Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square that he would bring more transparency to government and reconciliation to a nation of 100 million people that has been torn by protests since 2015.Eritrea, which has long been at loggerheads with Ethiopia over a border row that Abiy has sought to resolve, condemned the incident, as did the European Union and the United States.Abiy took office after his predecessor, Hailemariam Desalegn, resigned in February following protests in which hundreds of people were killed between 2015 and 2017.Emergency law was temporarily imposed to quell the unrest and was lifted this month.Despite boasting one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, opponents say the benefits have not been shared fairly between ethnic groups and regions in the country, which has been run by the same ruling coalition for more than quarter of a century.Abiy has travelled around the nation, promising to address grievances and address political and civil rights.After Saturday’s blast, the prime minister’s chief of staff wrote on Twitter: “Some whose heart is filled with hate attempted a grenade attack.””All the casualties are martyrs of love & peace. HE PM sends his condolences to the victims. The perpetrators will be brought to justice,” Fitsum Arega wrote.The U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa said: “Violence has no place as Ethiopia pursues meaningful political and economic reforms.”PEACE INITIATIVERally organiser Seyoum Teshome told Reuters he saw five people injured in the blast. “It was a grenade. Someone tried to hurl it to the stage where the prime minister was,” Seyoum said.As well as promising economic reforms, Abiy stunned Ethiopians this month by saying he was ready to fully implement a peace deal with Eritrea that was signed in 2000 after a two-year war. For years, Ethiopia refused to implement the deal, saying it wanted more talks.The stalemate led to a military build up and sporadic clashes on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which seceded from Ethiopia in 1991 after a long war of independence.Under the 2000 peace deal, Ethiopia is required to cede the border town of Badme to Eritrea. But war veterans in Badme and ethnic Tigrayans along the border oppose the peace initiative, with some town residents saying they will not leave the town.Eritrea’s ambassador to Japan, Estifanos Afeworki, wrote on Twitter that his nation “strongly condemns the attempt to incite violence” in Addis Ababa, calling the rally a “demonstration for peace”.Ethiopia’s ruling EPRDF is made up of parties representing the country’s four major ethnic groups. Abiy hails from the Oromo ethnic group, making up roughly a third of the population.Oromos, along with the Amhara ethnic group, led street demonstrations against the government since 2015 that began as protests against a development plan around the capital and which opponents said the state was using to grab land. Protests broadened to cover other political and economic demands.In another of Abiy’s major policy shifts, the prime minister has said Ethiopia would open its state-run telecoms monopoly and state-owned Ethiopian Airlines to private domestic and foreign investment, both moves would loosen the state’s grip.last_img read more

Theresa May wins key Brexit vote despite ongoing rebellion

first_imgTheresa MayBritish prime minister Theresa May narrowly survived another crunch Brexit vote in parliament Tuesday, as she struggles to unify her divided party around her strategy for leaving the European Union.The Conservative government defeated an amendment introduced by its own backbench MPs to a future trade policy bill which would have kept Britain in a customs union with the EU if it fails to agree a free trade deal.If the amendment had passed it would have thrown May’s Brexit strategy into disarray and increased pressure on the already beleaguered leader.Government whips overcame the rebellion by a dozen Tory lawmakers-reportedly issuing last-ditch threats it would prompt a no-confidence vote in the prime minister-by just seven votes.It was bolstered by the support of four pro-Brexit opposition Labour Party MPs.Ministers argued the amendment would put “massive restrictions” on its ability to forge “an independent trade policy” after Britain leaves the European Union next March.International trade secretary Liam Fox told parliament the government’s future trade bill was “an important bill providing continuity and stability.”“It will be the confident first step that the UK takes in establishing itself as an independent trading nation,” he added.The government lost another, less crucial vote on another backbench amendment calling for future participation in the European medicines regulatory network.The entire trade bill passed by 31 votes and now moves to the House of Lords for further scrutiny before returning to the Commons for a final vote.A total, complete messMay is battling to unite her Conservative Party around her Brexit blueprint formally unveiled last week following months of cabinet infighting.It would see Britain ask the European Union for a free trade area for goods through a “facilitated customs arrangement” alongside a “common rulebook”.Brexiteers believe that keeps Britain too close to the EU, while pro-Europeans think it fails to protect the country’s dominant services sector, among other gripes.The backlash has seen the prime minister face persistent rumours Tory MPs are planning to topple her.Two top pro-Brexit ministers, Boris Johnson and David Davis, quit in protest last week, while a string of junior walkouts have followed suit, including two more officials on Monday.Tuesday was also the second day running May faced revolt from backbench Tory lawmakers, after they failed on Monday by three votes to enact changes to a crucial post-Brexit customs bill.May averted defeat on the proposed legislation-part of a series of bills overseeing Britain’s withdrawal from the EU-by bowing to pressure from hardline eurosceptics in her own party.The move infuriated pro-European Conservatives, sowing the seeds for Tuesday’s unsuccessful rebellion.“I started the week intending to support the prime minister. Yesterday changed that,” MP Phillip Lee, who resigned as a junior minister over Brexit earlier this year, told lawmakers.Despite this week’s legislative successes, two former British prime ministers spoke out Tuesday about the divisive impact of Brexit.Describing the government’s approach as “a total and complete mess”, Tony Blair told AFP the only way out was to hold another referendum on the issue.“Once this thing has been started by a referendum, it can frankly only be finished by a fresh vote,” Blair said.John Major, who lost power in 1997 after years of Conservative dissent over Europe, also backs a second poll and said positions were more “entrenched” today.“Theresa May is in a more difficult position than I was,” he told ITV News.“Facing more committed and hardline opponents-and more of them-than I had.”British voters in a June 2016 referendum chose to leave the European Union, and on Tuesday Britain’s official Brexit campaign, Vote Leave, was fined and reported to the police for breaking spending rules-another issue boosting calls for a second vote.last_img read more

Oculus Rift and Kinect combine to create virtual reality Paperboy game

first_imgAlthough the Oculus Rift is a great piece of kit on its own, it is fast becoming apparent the VR headset becomes even better when combined with other bits of tech. The Omni treadmill can be used to make moving around easy, and Atlas will enable holodecks to be a reality. Now creative tech company Globalcore has taken Oculus Rift in another direction by combining it with an bike and a Kinect sensor.Globalcore’s ultimate goal was to create a virtual reality version of the classic game Paperboy. They have fittingly called it PaperDude VR. The game was made possible by combining four pieces of tech. The Oculus Rift, Kinect, KickR, and a bike.The KickR sensor is used in conjunction with an iPad to tell how fast the bike is traveling, which is then relayed to the 3D world being viewed through the Oculus Rift. The Kinect is used to track the position and motion of the player’s arms. When they make a throwing action, it throws a paper in the given direction in the game. As for the 3D world of the game itself, it was created using Unity, with Minecraft-style blocky graphics.I think it’s the addition of Kinect that really makes this work as you can actually see your own hands and arms moving around without actually having to hold a controller. It must be weird at first, but it’s a really natural interface because you are doing the exact same actions as you would on a real bike throwing real papers.PowerDude VR certainly isn’t cheap to setup, and that’s mainly because of the $1,100 the KickR sensors costs. Add in the Oculus Rift, Kinect, and iPad, and this becomes a pretty expensive game of Paperboy.last_img read more

Xbox One can handle eight wireless controllers at once

first_imgMultiplayer gaming has shifted over the last generation of consoles from the person sitting next to you to thousands of potential opponents online. Still, the Xbox 360 was capable of supporting up to four controllers at once therefore allowing a decent size group to game together in the same room.The Xbox One is taking that connectivity a step further, though. Microsoft’s next-gen machine will cope with having up to eight wireless controllers connected at once. And those controllers can be up to 30 feet away from the console.Eight controllers may seem like overkill. I don’t think many games are going to ship with support for 8 players at once sitting there sharing a single TV, although, it does give Codemasters an incentive to develop a brand new Micro Machines game and football fans will be happy. However, I don’t think this is about eight gamers-eight controllers, it’s the potential for peripherals. By allowing so many connections Microsoft has set the Xbox One up to allow a gamer to connect multiple input devices and leave them connected.Microsoft has already stated that Kinect will be used to identify which player is holding a controller, so maybe that feature can be used intelligently with up to eight controllers. Say you have seven friends come over for a Killer Instinct tournament. They could all bring their own controllers, Xbox One can connect to all of them at once, and Kinect just figures out who’s turn it is to fight based on where they are sitting. That sounds like a great system to me if it works, and I’m sure there are other use cases.You also have to consider whether Microsoft did this just because they could, or because they saw a genuinely new use case that they have yet to announce or focus on in any way. One thing is for sure though, peripheral manufacturers will be looking at this and figuring out if there’s any new gadgets they can market to fill up a few of those controller slots.last_img read more

TrayStatus Caps Lock and other information on Windows taskbar

first_imgTrayStatus: Caps Lock and other information on Windows taskbar by Martin Brinkmann on March 30, 2017 in Software – 7 commentsTrayStatus is a free and commercial software for Windows that highlights the Caps Lock status, and other information, on the Windows taskbar.The Caps Lock and Num Lock keys on a computer keyboard can cause some troubling experiences when you they toggled without you realizing it.Caps Lock for instance may result in passwords not being accepted because you type different characters than you intend to. Num Lock on the other hand locks and unlocks the numpad, and if you use it regularly, you may have tapped on five or more keys already before you realize that none was sent to the computer.TrayStatusTrayStatus is available as a free and professional version. The free version of the program may be used for personal use only, and lacks a handful of options of the professional versions.The core functionality, the display and monitoring of certain keys on the computer keyboard, is available however.TrayStatus is available as a portable version or installer. Both offer the same functionality, but you may need to make more adjustments to the portable version (e.g. autostart with Windows).First thing you may want to do when you run the program for the first time is to open the settings. These should launch automatically, but if they don’t, right-click on one of the program’s icons in the system tray area, and select settings to open them.The status indicators page lists the available indicators that TrayStatus may display as individual icons on the taskbar. They are:Caps Lock Status.Num Lock Status.Scroll Lock Status.Kana, ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, WIN status.Hard Drive activity.CPU usage (PRO).Memory usage (PRO).Audio Playback Status (PRO).The program displays a separate icon for each indicator that you enable. Yes, this can lead to more than ten icons being added to the Windows system tray area if you enable them all.Please note that the icons may be hidden behind the system tray menu on newer versions of Windows by default. You need to change the visibility of the icons first, before they are visible all the time.On Windows 10 for instance, you’d have to right-click on the arrow icon in the system tray area, select Settings, and on the Taskbar settings page that opens “select which icons appear on the taskbar”.You find each icon that you have activated in the program settings there individually.  Depending on how you use your system, you may either want to restrict the display of indicators to Caps Lock and Num Lock, or enable additional indicators if you find them useful.One interesting feature of each icon is that you can toggle the status with a double-click. The icons do change their appearance depending on their status. It is usually the case that a white background indicates that the key is active, and a black that it is not active.Tray Status offers a couple of other settings that you may find interesting. You may enable autostart with the operating system under General for instance. There you find options to play a sound whenever the key status changes, and may use different sounds for on and off status changes.The status indicators page of the settings allows you to change the theme of the icons, for instance to dark icons, and to separate hard drives so that each is shown with its own icon.The program used about 25 Megabytes of RAM on a 64-bit Windows 10 system in the background with three indicators enabled. This is more than other programs such as NumCapsScroll Indicator or Keyboard Leds require. TrayStatus is more powerful than those programs on the other hand, and it is still updated regularly while the mentioned programs are not.Closing WordsTrayStatus is a powerful key indicator for Windows that may also display the hard drive, memory and CPU status in the system tray area of the operating system.Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 4 votes Software Name TrayStatusOperating System WindowsSoftware Category ProductivityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Turkish side has never honoured agreement on enclaved

first_imgKornelios Korneliou, the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN, said the Turkish side has never honoured the agreement reached in Vienna on August 2, 1975, vis-à-vis the enclaved population in the north.Speaking during a Security Council open debate on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, Korneliou outlined the obligations of the Turkish side in providing “every help to lead a normal life, including facilities for education and for the practice of their religion, as well as medical care by their own doctors and freedom of movement in the north”.In practice, he said, the Cypriot enclaved were subjected to constant harassment.Referring to their dwindling numbers, Korneliou said that in July 1974, after more than 160,000 Cypriots were forced to flee the Turkish invasion, a significant number – around 20,000 – remained enclaved.“In 43 years since 1974 this number has diminished from 20,000 to only 403, after being subjected to constant harassment, including physical assaults, restrictions to their movement, denial of access to adequate medical care, denial of adequate educational facilities especially beyond the elementary school level, censorship of school books, curtailment of their right to use and bequeath their immovable property and curtailment of freedom of worship in their churches and monasteries,” he said.Despite minor improvements in the lives of the enclaved due to the help of UNFICYP, their living conditions remain deplorable and unchanged, the Permanent Representative added.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Are Leading The Pack. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more